Bmw Loaner lease NJ

I am soon looking to possibly lease a Bmw Loaner in the state of NJ. Could anyone provide me with some dealerships that offer lease on the demo loaners.

Thank You

Theoretically, any dealer can offer demo leases. Find a demo with less than 5k miles and get a quote. Or you could use a broker.

Paul Miller advertises decent deals on their website.

Typical dealer tricks. They will tell you all the special priced cars are gone by the time you call or email.

Just call around to the local dealers in your area as a starting point and they should be able to tel you what they have and email you a quote. If any of them just insist on you coming in and won’t give you information, move on to the next one.

It’s much easier to search using or autotrader. Just search for used or certified 2017 or 2018 bmw. Almost any bmw at a bmw dealership will be leaseable. Confirm with carfax. It will say something like dealer took possession. Should add it needs to have less than 5k miles or the 4% residual ding makes them really expensive.

Please message me if you’re still looking for a demo lease. I’m aware of a couple in northern NJ.