Looking for BMW I3 leasing

Looking for BMW I3 leasing ,how can I get good deal ,do you guys have any sales I can get good deal

Do your research or hire a broker.

I can get you in a 2017 demo with 10k miles year for less than $300 month including sales tax. Out of pocket fees of around $1,500.00+1st month’s payment.

Why have you posted this to 3 separate dead topics? Why not create a topic instead?

Username recently created + 3 posts of scoring a deal on 3 separate threads by contacting you immediately…this screams of a 3rd reincarnation of @maf

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I’m new to the forum. Sorry if there’s a misunderstanding to my intentions. I wasn’t aware that there was a time limit to respond on a topic. I don’t know what “@maf” is.

The point of this forum is for you to do the research based on the information on this forum. You can hire a broker or do the work yourself. No one is going to spoon feed you the deal if you post something like this. The search function is your friend and there have been plenty of extremely useful posts about the i3 just in the past week.

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Terrible deal :slight_smile:

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