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Yeah, gotta be at least one or the other, otherwise no go.

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Thanks brother. Do you know what happens if I request cancellation of UC+ but then transfer the lease before the refund is issued? Does the refund process get cancelled or will the person who assumed the lease see the refund appear against their balance?

Hello… i am trying to understand what the bmw x3 monthly lease is ideal with 55-56k msrp and 5-6k msrp discount.
I am being quotes 750 but my budget is 600-650

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Really depends what rebates you qualify for (loyalty, fleet), credit profile and whether it can be written as a 39mo.

Wondering something after a post I saw on here…

Why would a dealer not want to do MSD? Does it cost the dealer something or become a lot of work for them?

Probably because it’s added complexity for a benefit that only the smallest fraction of lessees would ever take advantage of. And frankly, most dealers aren’t interested in selling to informed buyers looking to get rock bottom pricing by diving into every cost saving strategy.

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Just curious if the math on loaners is still the same since the original creation of the wiki.

A loaner with 5500 miles would be 5000x0.25 for the depreciation, right?

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Some models are 30 cents per mile adjustment to RV.

Thx, is that the case with the i4?

25 per for i4

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Is the first 500 miles still free tho?

Indeed they are.

Thx, I’ve got a local dealer with 4 5500 mile loaners that are ready to go. I’m going to attempt the e300 loaner hack unicorn from back in the day

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What’s that?

There was an incredible golden era for C and E Class hacks circa 2018

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Let us know how it pans out.

AFAIK the challenges with BMW EV loaners are not only the RV reduction but also the lower lease cash (iX goes from $9,900 to $5,900; what about i4?)

i4 still $7,500 base before fleet, loyalty or conquest.