BMW leases starting March 1

With the RV going up for cars with greater than 5K miles starting March 1, do you guys think we might see some good deals in the next four days or the dealers might just want to sell these cars at the same rate post Feb 28 rather than leasing them now at lower price?

Put some bids out there (at the purchase price which matches your desired lease payment). See if anyone agrees to the purchase price, then say you will lease it without any MF or LAF markups.

Thank you, @max_g. What is LAF?

Lease acq fee AKA bank fee

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I don’t think BMWFS allows acquisition fee mark-ups anymore, since it’s now $925.

However, inquire about waiving the acquisition fee in exchange for a higher MF by .00050. Apparently that’s an option I did not utilize, which would have saved me $15/month on a demo I recently leased.

Thank you, @michael for sharing that tip. I didn’t know about that either. My local dealer has dropped 2016 5 series prices upto 30%, going there first thing tomorrow to work on a lease.

@michael Is the acquisition fee waiver option from bmwna or dealer specific? In other words, can the dealer say no to it unlike the 7 MSDs?

Also, could you please tell me what’s the residual and MF that I can expect for 2016 528i xDrive, 36/12, 43081? Since they are offering close to 30% off of MSRP, I think I just need to take care of the MF now. Any other tips?

Acquisition fee waiver is an option from BMW FS, but it seems most dealers aren’t aware of it.

Here are the numbers for 2016 528i xDrive:

36/12K: 57% RV, .00134 MF

Finally got a 2016 528i xDrive. $413.46 monthly (w/ tax). Here are the numbers:

We agreed upon the initial cap cost of $40,700. I am not sure why he subtracted and then added cash cap in the final sheet. I know that the MF is not the best rate, but given that there is absolutely no competition where I live that’s the best I could get. All other “deals” I was finding were at least 6 hours away.

Edit: Term is 3 x 12,000


Congrats! :confetti_ball: …20

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Thank you, @max_g, @michael, @28firefighter and everyone else on this forum. I learned a lot and finally picked up a vehicle that I like. Cheers!

I think you did great.

I know a lot of people here think paying a MF above the base buy rate is a sin. My feeling is if your sale price is so low that it offsets what you might get elsewhere with the base rate, you’ve still won.

Some dealers can do more on a sale price but are pushed to bump the MF a bit. Personally I think $16k off sale price is outstanding.

Happy Motoring!

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Wow, nice job! …

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