[SOLD] 2016 BMW 528i xDrive, $385/mth + tax, 8 months/15800 miles remaining, Chicago

This might be a great deal for someone looking for a short term lease. This car is an absolute pleasure to drive. There are almost 2000 miles/month remaining.

Here’s the link to the original post with a breakdown of lease structure.

2016 528i xDrive
Lease inception - Feb 26, 2017
Lease Terms - 3x12K
Starting miles - 7200
Current miles - 27400
Remaining miles - 15800 (1975/month).

This car will show two records on carfax. First one was before I took delivery of the car, probably when the car was being used as a loaner at the dealership (I think it was rear-ended). Second would be from last year, it was a deer hit, reported it to bmwfs, and car was fixed at an authorized bmw centre with all OEM parts (left headlight and front bumper). I have all the receipts that I can share with you.

The car drives great, there are absolutely no issues with it. I am happy to take it to any BMW dealer or independent mechanic of your choice for inspection (Only in the Columbus area).

I paid $3150 as MSDs which I am expecting from the new lessee. You will get this money back from BMW at the end of the lease. You will also have to pay the lease transfer fee ($500).

Will post pics shortly.

Another road warrior special!


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Did you ever post pics? Would love to see some, may have an interest. I am in NE Ohio so not too far I believe. Thanks.

My apologies, will post soon. I am currently in Chicago (moving here), we will back by Wednesday and I can post the pics then.

Added pictures.

This car is now in Chicago if anyone is interested.

Interested, sent message.

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Sorry for the late reply, but I was able to find someone through swapalease and the transfer process is now complete. I will update the title.

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