BMW leases just got worse

BMW has eliminated lease incentives on ALL 2022 models for Feb (still have loyalty). So if you’re thinking about leasing a BMW in this market, you may want to quickly look for remaining 2021s.

To add insult to injury, the base MF went up from .00123 to .00136.


Yup although there are emails floating around that says $1000 incentive for year of the tiger but that might be discount from msrp lol

Maybe finance one but that’s a risk I’m not sure I’m ready to take

Leasing getting worse monthly with bmw

They passed the threshold of “even worth considering” a while back, so shouldn’t make much difference


This is terrible. I think my 2019 X5 was a 56% residual and .00118 MF. My lease ends in May and I’ll probably just buy it out.

If the trend continues for BMW, I doubt I’d stick with them in the future. The growing grilles were ok when they were the cheapest monthly on the block.

Unfortunate that I won’t get to use CCA and loyalty again given the state of the leasing market. :triumph:


I wouldn’t touch a BMW right now with a 39.5 Ft pole…


There was never lease incentives on 22 models to begin with… nothing changed for Feb other then the MF bump…


You’re right. I guess I just never paid attention to the 2022 programs.

Yup, have a 540 that’s up in July. Will extend as much as possible and then just get something else I guess. Doesn’t make sense to spend $800-900 for a new 540 when my loaded one is $499.


Only good through February 7th.

$1,000 offer is only available during the BMW New Beginnings Sales Event / Lunar New Year – February 1, 2022 through February 7, 2022 – and valid on eligible vehicles leased or purchased from participating dealers and delivered February 1, 2022 through April 30, 2022. Eligible models include All MY2021 and MY 2022 BMWs (excluding BMW iX and i4 models). MINI vehicles and BMW Pre-Owned/CPO vehicles do not qualify. Retired Service Loaner vehicles and Demonstration vehicles that have accumulated over 20,000 miles do not qualify. BMW company vehicles and any other vehicle that has accumulated 5,000 or more miles also do not qualify. This offer cannot be used for vehicles previously ordered or delivered before February 1, 2022. Offer valid to The BMW New Beginnings Sales Event / Lunar New Year participants and their family members residing within the same household who participated in an on-site activity. Offer valid on final negotiated lease or purchase price and may be combined with other applicable BMW offers that are available at the time of purchase, except, that it may NOT be combined with other redemption code offers from previous events. It also may not be used toward tax, title, destination and delivery charges. Only one redemption code per vehicle may be used. Only valid at participating dealers. Please see your participating BMW Center for complete program details. ©2022 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.

it’s not just BMW leases lol. there are no “good deals” on any luxury brand, and yet people are buying whatever limited production there is.


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Truer words have never been spoken. At their current price levels I would take almost any other luxury brand over BMW. Once Mercedes starts putting out more cars BMW will be on their back again as the whore of Bavaria.


At least you can get a BMW (most lines) without a 4-6 month lead time. :man_shrugging:


So Nissan Frontier time?


I’d prefer used alternate brands. Just not a BMW fan unless it’s a $850 i8, $250 3 series, or $600 7series. Haha


Maybe when 3er gets a full refresh and there’s a glut of G20.

That should come later this summer :hugs:.

The LCI 3er looks good

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Not just LCI, I’m talking like when F30 were being given away 2 for 1.


Correct. In the process of buying out lease on wife’s 2018 Disco because LR wants about $1,450/mo for the 2022 Disco we ordered (MSRP $76,340). MF on the 2022 went from .00133 in December to .00211 in February, and dealer marked up the MF to .00311. Dealer will now slap a $10,000 markup on the 22 and some idiot will pay it and this will all continue.

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