BMW leases just got worse

Maybe this is thread highjacking, if it is then please flag me. We just sent our BMW specials for February on every new car in stock, with an OL code, a discount on ever car, and at buy rate. So you can still get a deal if you look for them. See my posts if you want the email, but yes, rates are going up but some dealers will more than make up for that with a discount. Service loaners too remain solid on lease.


I don’t think you completely comprehend the BMW pricing that we’re used to on here.

Both of my BMW’s were at least 15% off before incentives and they both had like $6-7k of incentives as well.


She has a 5 series 59.7K loaner on sale for 46.8K. That’s not bad at all especially if you can get loyalty and OL on top.

I know what was available (I had a 24 month $247/month $0 DAS 2018 330e loaner when I was justa barista). All I’m saying is, the deals I’m offering are substantially better than the market despite low residuals and almost no incentives.


So whatcha got?

I haven’t seen any of your listings in the marketplace.

I work for BMW and MINI so everything we offer is over email. Dealers get in BIG trouble if we post deals under the national ads online. See my post if you want to sign up for those (CA residents only though, unfortunately).

Yeah I just picked up a new BMW X5 January 3rd with the last day ever of the Penfed discount. I got around $5000 off plus another $1000 coming with the CCA rebate. Had I leased it would have been $200 more a month.

It’s a shame, my wife has a 2020 330i lease that’s got positive equity and I wanted to get a 4 Series but there’s no way the lease would be within $200 of what we’re paying for the pre-farted loaner lease. We still have 2 more years so plenty of time for things to get better. I can’t imagine having to lease a car now, financing a BMW only makes sense.

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I’ve got several friends who work at my local BMW dealers and there’s no way a loaner is offered for sale for the foreseeable future and when they do the mileage will be over the allowable amount to lease it. Your dealer must be better off than any around me!

Can confirm. Deals checked out 100% (dealer discount + incentives + Base rate MF).
Sales still tried to push some “optional” add-ons, but in the end, they honored their advertised price :+1:


Lots of options on how stores run things… for us, we aim to get our loaners out before 10k miles because that seems to be the optimal number. However, BMW is allowing dealers to start putting used vehicles in as loaners, so if we start doing that then the lease deals will become even harder to find.


I am looking for a 430GC, does anyone has good deal recently?

Most inbound are in stop sale limbo. What tickles your fancy though?

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I have a M5 on order back from October coming to me in April at MSRP.

Would you still take it if you were me?

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I’m not sure it’s fair to look at the current deals separately from the lease return market. While paying more for new leases, most of us also have positive equity in the returned lease vehicle, which was not the case 3 or 4 years ago. So when I got a 3 year lease of a 2021 $43k loaner 2 series (with 2,500 miles) at $470 with only first month DAS, I took into acount the fact that I made $2,600 on my returned 2019 Volvo S60 (sold it 4 months before lease end). In my mind this is a $400 per month deal. Not a hack but not completely horrible.

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Yeah, I’m still upside down on my 5-series. Also, talking to one of the dealer reps yesterday, it seems loyalty isn’t there on a few models (i4, iX etc)

How did you get such heavy discount I always keep hearing “we buy the car 5% below MSRP how can we discount it more than that?”

This was before Covid. You can’t find deals like that now. Back then, 11-12% off MSRP was pretty common to get on here. If you buy weird cars that are sitting, sometimes more. My X2 was 20% before incentives and there were like $6 or $7k of incentives on it.

That invoice is just dealership BS, it’s true to an extent, but it’s only part of the story, not the whole story.

There’s a morsel of truth in there but there is also a basement below invoice known as triple net which includes AVP, Consumer Bonus and stair steps (when applicable)

At the end of the day any deal that isn’t ~$1,000-1,200 over invoice (dealer pack, this keeps the lights on) is a mini for your client advisor and their motivation generally is to be above that so they can earn.

As for the X2’s that were being given away 3 years ago. That was a wild time and there was a lot of extra marketing allowance floating around to make bloody deals like those.

god bless marketing allowances. I pray every day they will change their minds and bring the M3 touring to the US, then overproduce the crap out of the M3 touring so I can get one cheap.


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