BMW lease transfer Q’s and Early buyout sales tax in California?


Hello everyone,

I am located at CA and planning to do a early lease buyout on my 2020 440i. I got the early buyout price from BMW account which is around 44k. Is this the final price or we still need to pay CA sales tax?

Your online account doesn’t show before and after tax?

Your break down from bmw should specify if it included tax or not.

@max_g @mllcb42 Guys, thanks for mentioning about this. The car is actually in transfer process from a friend and he just told me the early buyout price is around 44k. I will ask him to provide a breakdown.

Transfer as in Lease Transfer? Or transfer as in he is selling you the car?

I meant we are in lease transfer process.
My plan is to early buyout the car once I have taken over the lease.

Then the answer depends on BMW.

Sometimes they collect the tax ahead of time, but so far from my experience you have to pay the tax at the DMV.

A User here bought out a Kia, and it said on the Kia site, TAX. But when he got to the DMV the form said ‘Tax Not Paid’ so he got double dipped.

Why are you doing a lease transfer if you are going to buy it later? He can buy it and sell it to you without paying tax with the 10 day rule.


It should show up on your online account? On my BMWFS account, tax is not included in payoff. I am in CA too.


I am taking over a BMW lease at California and currently stuck in stage 2 of the process. I just called BMWFS for status and they told me the lease holder has some kind of mistake on document related to something in " Odometer original form ". He mailed a revise but had the same error again.
If anyone have transferred out a BMW lease, can you help me here I am just trying to figure out what could went wrong and get some answers hoping to help the transferor. Thanks