BMW Lease List! Payments starting @ Under $250 a month!


All payments are based on approved credit.

These are NOT the final figures. This is just an estimate. The store gives out the final figures.

All payments are based on:
First payment due at signing +
Tax +
Doc Fee+
DMV/ Registration

All payments include ACQ. fee.

This is just an estimate.

Please contact me first at

Ill be at Century BMW/Mini for most of this week.

Payments are 24 months @ 10k

and 36 months @ 10k

Try this link:

Thank you!


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List seems to be locked.

Open in Google Sheets. You can sort/filter, etc.

I just sent you an email about one Raphael, thanks.

Any m3 or m4s? Looking for something fun.

I just glanced at the list but I noticed a couple M235’s

wow, BMW 328i for 205/month!?! That’s sweet! I’m gonna check with my father in law to see if he wants it. Really depends on how much he’s underwater on this current Buick lease. It’s probably going to be a lot.

EDIT: Aw crap. I thought this was New Century BMW in Los Angeles. :frowning: It’s actually in SC. Big difference :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious how the wear and tear is charged at the end of a lease on a used car. Are you still expected to replace the tires fully if 10k miles were already put on the car?

How many mileage options does BMW have for leasing? Do they happen to have 13.5k a year options? What is the impact on residual/monthly payment?

Just sent you an email. Thanks.

If it’s not too much trouble on your next list @Raphael_Loberant, could you include whether they are manual or auto?

EDIT Scratch that, I think I figured out how. Anything that isn’t listed with “south africa” on it, at least for the non-x-drives seems to be manual

A column for State (i.e. location of the dealership) would be an easy way for people to filter what’s close to them.

email sent
Is leasing from an out of state dealer possible if I live in Texas?

I wouldn’t change anything with the lists. It’s easy to filter by dealer and then Google to see where the dealer is

Can’t hurt to have the state, but I wouldn’t say it’s the end of the world not to have it. Do you have another list coming out any time soon? My brother’s interested in a 328 in SoCal very soon. Thanks!

Has anybody heard from Raphael in the last couple days?
He has few cars listed I would buy, but no response to my emails.

I’ve tried contacting him a bunch of times and haven’t heard back. I’m guessing he’s really busy. I’ll try again after the new year.

If you buy another BMW your good… you can most likely get them to waive all of it if your good at negotiations, even if not you can get most waived.

if you dont and just turn the car in they try to get you for every little thing. Between tires and disposal fee they try to charge me 3k, but they bill you, you don’t pay at dealer. Called BMW finance when bill came I talked to them and got it reduced to 1200, but that’s still alot.

geez, that would really suck if that’s the case on a 12 month lease. you would think they’d be a little more lenient if it already has 10k miles on it.

Nope they are not, on the higher end cars that I leased BMW is the hardest, MB is OK, Lexus and infiniti are pretty lenient.

On side note, from what i understand now with msd, I think when you lease they can take the wear and tear from the msd on return. This I’m not sure on, but if so it gives no option to haggle with them once you get billed cause they have their money.