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Really dumb question. This is the first time I have non run flat tires but no dummy in the trunk or jack to switch tires out.

If you blow a tire out while driving what do you do? Call bmw? aaa? Use a tire spray which completely degrades the tire? Rush to plug it before it deflates and drive home? Should i just buy a spare to put in the back?

Call BMW or AAA to put it on flat bed and deliver it to tire center or your home.

The tire sealant works perfectly fine for small punctures; it can get patched. For a blow out, you’ll have to call roadside assistance (covered under your 4yr/50k warranty). Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe BMW roadside assistance will only tow to a BMW dealership.

I have the Good Year 255/55R21s and they always seem to be out of stock on TireRack. I just bought a used one on ebay and keep it in the garage.

If your tire blows, you seal it with this thing. I assume it inflates it also. I’ve only ever used plugs so this is different. Then you hopefully make it home and switch out the tire in your own garage? Just using a standard jack? Putting a spare in the trunk is crazy talk right?

The tire mobility kit that comes with the car is a compressor that comes with a bottle of sealant. I’ve had to use it once for a puncture and it worked well; drove with the sealed tire for about 10 miles and the pressure held. You can use plugs if you’re more comfortable with that.

Most tire shops around me do not readily have 255/50R21 tires available. I keep a used one at home just so I have it if needed. If a tire replacement is needed at home, I’d have to call a mobile tire service as I don’t have mounting/balancing equipment. If the car is at a shop, I would have to uber to/from home with the used replacement. An inconvenience for sure but again, most tire places in my area do not have these tires readily available.

A properly sized spare can also be kept in car. I ride around with 2 large dogs often, just don’t have the space.

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Anyone have an issue where you use the 12v socket near the cup holders and it no longer works? I used the tie air pressure kit the car came with and it randomly shut off and now the 12v doesn’t work. I feel like it got shorted? Anyway to fix?

Worth inspecting if you blew the fuse for that 12v socket.

Edit, maybe @z0lt3c or someone with an iX can confirm where the front fuse box is located. It may not be the box by the center console.

This is helpful, I guess better to just bring it to the dealership to look at. I was hoping it was an easy just resetting if it was tripped or something.

IMO if you bring it in for warranty work and they discover you blew the fuse with whatever you plugged into the 12v outlet, they may charge you for the labor op.

Depends on the quality of your dealer, but I’d personally find that fuse box first. Assuming you can locate the “Front” fuse box, take a picture of F268. Most cars have a fuse puller somewhere, not sure about BMW.

Thanks, for the advice!

Yeah I see your conundrum that in typical Deutschland Uber Alles mindset, they made the fuse box under the center console almost impossible to access.

I was thinking it was just under some plastic door, but it seems worse than that. So yeah… not really sure what’s the best way to proceed here. Maybe you can call the service desk and see if they’ll inspect the fuse out of goodwill. But get that in writing/text before you randomly show up there.

Indeed under the center console is where you’ll find F268. The diagram is kind of misleading for Americans though. The diagram is rotated to face what we would consider the passenger (starboard) side. So F268 is on the passenger side closer to the firewall.