BMW i4 drive40 Lease vs Finance SoCal (Desperate Tesla Alternative)

Wife wants a Tesla, doesn’t care if it is model 3 or y, but I am so uninterested in one and feel like the build quality is not there.

I am trying to push a BMW i4 instead, but to make it more appealing I feel like I have to finance it to get the $7,500 federal rebate make the prices more equal. However I am hesitant to finance a new model bMW with questionable reliabIlity. I usually lease my vehicles to avoid any warranty or maintenance issues.

With the battery recall, should I just swallow it and get a Tesla? I can’t even get a price for a lease right now for the i4 edrive40…

Have you considered leasing a polestar?

Are you a 1-car household or 2+?

Just two cars. We have an X3 and a 330i, but the 330i is coming up on lease end in March. I have decent offer from Autonation to buy the 330, but if I were to order an i4 would just hold off until it is delivered. We do have one kid in a car seat, so car has to be reasonable to put a car seat in the back

Not really, they just look very small from the outside, but maybe I could test drive one. Does Volvo pass down the federal rebate?

It’s built into the inflated rv, so not directly as a cap cost reduction

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Polestar is nice… and I think you can get it in 3-4 months. It’s a little tight in the back though, especially when there are tall drivers. Looked tighter than a 3-series to me, but you never know until you try out that car seat in the back

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In that case you should get what you like for your car and your wife should get what she wants for hers.

That seems like a general solution to me.

Also, specifically, if this is your first EV you’re probably going to use it way more than you anticipated. Like regardless of the price, you’d rather avoid gas stations. And take EV trips beyond its range. So a good charging network will become more important than you’re probably thinking rn


Cars are personal.

Why don’t you just each drive what you want?

That’s what’s works well for us, as we have almost zero common ground on automotive preferences.


What about that Owners Choice (or whatever it is called) where you are purchasing but you are able to return the car in 3 years.

It still has a warranty if you finance it you know? Just finance it at a low APR loan from @HersheySweet’s google sheet, take your tax credit, and unload it when you want to get out of it.


I believe Owners Choice is only available in a few states (GA, TX, IL?).

BMW Select balloon financing is not available in IL, NC, ND, NH, NV, PA (hah… pain 4 me), TX, and WV.

BMW Owner’s Choice balloon financing is available to Illinois, Texas, and Georgia residents only.

I don’t think you’d have any problem getting rid of it before B2B runs out…

If you have an i4 available to you and it’s faster to acquire than the Tesla, Buy It!

So Select Balloon is available in California?

I have not heard otherwise. @BMW_Dave would be the individual to help on that.

Yes it is………

Is there an interest rate on the Select option?

There certainly is.

I am not sure it is that advantages. Have to pay the tax on the full amount then also paying interest to receive the 7.5k federal money vs just leasing.