BMW i4 and iX Pre-Orders June 1st

As it states above, the i4 and iX preorders will start on June 1st. Range hasn’t been announced yet, but it sounds like it will be 300+ range all electric from some people I’ve talked to higher up. Deposits will be $1500 and production numbers will be assigned in September / October. I like the i4 styling but not entirely sure about the iX just yet!


15% off and base MF? :grimacing:


I haven’t paid attention to memos, but have there been any releases on MSRP.


these things have gigantic batteries. expect range topping 300 for sure.

I want to see iX in person before I form a complete opinion, but in pictures both cars look pretty good. I like that they are not following the whole “electric must look like anything but a car” design. Same reason why Ilike eTron. Would be interesting how these do, considering that I’ll be off the current lease in '24 and there should be enough real data on these.

it’s nicer than an etron. especially interior.

The interior does look nice but damn is it ugly imo.

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523HP and 300+ mile range, and 0-60 in around 4s? Shoot, my E-tron lease will wrap up sooner then I thought.

The rep at Metlife over the weekend said 350+ on the higher trim. Just a single rep, so take it with a grain of salt, but a minimum expectation of 300 seems very reasonable.

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Buuut BMW won’t pass down the $7,500 as incentives. All a wash : (


Plus loyalty and OL code and post sales BMW CCA rebate… and 7.5k Fed credit and 5k CVRP

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Ah yes, the 7.5k that BMW won’t pass on and the CVRP that ran out of money and is suspended


I think they did 5k to 7.5k on the i3, at various times …

yah, eventually when they couldn’t sell them anymore


From archives at Electrek, looks like they passed 5k even at release. So I am betting 4k-5k lease credit here as well, initially

Now onto the numbers - most of which are fairly standard, however it should be noted that BMW is not passing along the $7,500 federal credit entirely inside their lease offer, instead only $4,875 is being applied


Inclusive of 7,500 fed rebate, sure.

And for LOLz

BMW quotes some examples of financing cost on the i3. (pre-release)

  • Based on a MSRP/finance amount of $45,800 (which looks to be about REx territory) with $1,000 down and 4.99% financing over 60 months, the cost would be $811.27/month
  • Based on a MSRP/finance amount of $45,800 (which looks to be about REx territory) with $5,500 down and 4.99% financing over 60 months, the cost would be $721.97/month
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I’m in!!

Man I must say having ~220 mile range on my Etron does add inconvience on the rare occasion. Thinking of traveling from Houston to Dallas for work and it won’t make the full trip :frowning: As sad as it may be, I need to get a small top off at 90 miles into the trip lol. Hope Audi will increase their battery usage and get this beauty to 275-300.

Not going to happen. They already have the battery usage pretty much maxed out. They bumped it from 19 to 21, which is why you get 220 instead of 200.