BMW i4 and iX Pre-Orders June 1st

I have the 2019 etron, funny enough when I drive, I get around 197 miles but my wife gets 218 haha.

Yeah I love the etron but the max miles adds a bit of inconvenience but bearable

yeah I know this has been talked about extensively… I can not get past that grill/kidney they just look weird to me.

There’s EA chargers in Huntsville, Madisonville and Ennis. That’s one more charger than we have available for Tesla!

And as a Model X and Model 3 owner, our cars don’t make that trip in one shot either even at the speed limit.

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At least Audi has their charging game on point so it’ll charge faster than pretty much anyone else on 150kW


Yup, I just want to use my EA credit haha. Haven’t found an opportunity to use it because of my L2 outlet at home lol

Agreed - 220 mile range is why the etron, when it comes off lease, will be sold at scrap value (assuming no more chip shortage)…

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I’m amazed how many people on the e-tron forums purchased vs leased for that very reason

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Not really. I’m being serious when I say a MX gets similar range IRL.

But if you make the range estimator display mileage by taking an unrealistic epa rating times the battery percentage instead the actual expected range, it’ll say a lot more miles and that’s what really matters.

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What will happen if new tax credit are expanded but for domestic electric cars only?

I imagine that only domestic evs would get the federal credit then.


It would be even harder to take Tesla’s market share then.


Then the Europeans will quickly adapt and start making the electric models here. Ie the reason why China has a Tesla factory.

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Hopefully the new i line can be hacked like the i3!


Won’t happen for a while.

I’m down for one of each.


Just got the email for the pre order, but I’m confused. So do you get the whole car or just the grill?


I was on the BMW Canada site and noticed they have the iX configurator up, so I was taking a quick peek. Ofc the options packages will differ a bit, but there’s some interesting new additions beyond the B&W (which appears to be priced the same as the current system).

Im looking for or to order and ix 5- any idea how long the lead time is?

I have an allocation available to build. List and rate markup.