BMW i3 lease in Texas



I am looking for recommendation for a BMW dealer in Texas to negotiate a i3 lease. I live in Houston and am exchanging emails with Advantage BMW Midtown but their initial offer makes me doubt that we can get together.

Any members who had a good experience with a dealer? The dealer does not need to be in Houston. Thanks.



I did not ask for a deal. I asked for a dealer with whom someone had a good experience.

I’ve had good interactions with Tyler and League City BMW, but unfortunately they’re small dealerships so have less stock but they might be able to help.

In Texas and leasing a hybrid or EV from BMW/Mini I would strongly recommend the Owners Choice financial product. It’s a unique financial product structured with the advantages of a lease but puts the vehicle in your name, and BMW often allow you to get the same incentives as if you were leasing, but with it being in your name you can claim back the Fed and State rebates. Have a search here and you’ll find more info, it has the potential to give you an incredible deal.