BMW Excess Wear and Tear Charges

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Hello Hackrs

I returned my 2018 BMW 540I recently in Maryland and had a bad experience with Autovin and BMW auto finance. They are charging me a total of $2000 in “Excess Wear and Tear charges”($1200 ($400x3) for curb rashes and $800 dollars for scratches on Front bumper and Right Front door)

30 days before I returned my car, I got the car pre-inspected and the manager of the BMW dealership did not report any damages in his report so I was very surprised by the $2000 bill BMW slapped me with.

I called BMW auto finance and they said the pre-inspection means nothing and they only go with final inspection that was provided by Autovin.
If they had asked me to fix the curb rashes and scratches at pre-inspection, I could have easily gotten it done for much cheaper
Did anyone have a similar experience? Can I dispute the charges?


I don’t even see a scratch in the first paint picture. seems like it can buff out.

Don’t they have AutoVin inspections before you turn the car in?

I thought bmw doesn’t charge for curb rash at all

It all depends on what the inspector thinks is minor damage. Clearly the inspector marks the tires as gouged. The first wheel is, tough to say on the second two from the pictures.

But the first charge for a scratch is BS. The other on the bumper is damage.

has anyone else had negative experiences with BMW Financial? I’ve always heard they were good to deal with

Pre-inspection was free, BMW auto finance probably paid Autovin to do the inspection.

Thanks, that is helpful. I would have definitely gotten it repaired if I knew I had to. I believe I would have been able to get the curb rashes fixed for cheaper than what they are quoting here.

You can typically get them fixed for around $100-$150/wheel. If you leased another BMW, they generally will take care of you with charges if you complain enough.

I had two wheels finished for $150 each after I curbed them and they were painted

Autovin just came out and did an inspection on my car (turn in is in about 3 weeks). The guy didn’t mark a decent curb rash on one of the wheels, though he seemed to call out more minor things on other wheels.

I’m worried when I turn it in they are going to now think I did it after the inspection and try to bill me.

I have had Honda/Acura previously they give you 500/750 damage allowance which doubles if u stay within brand.

I was shocked when I recently got the bmw that there is 0 damage allowance. How you gonna expect car to be near perfect in 3 years

Did you stay loyal and lease another car? If you did I would talk to someone in the lease end department and see if they will waive some or all of the charges.

Thats what I thought it’d cost. I decided to wait a little bit to get another car since I barely drove my car once Covid started. I will try calling them and dispute the charges but not sure if it does anything.

I called BMW auto finance again today and they removed the $1200 dollar charge for curb rashes. Not ideal that I will pay $800 dollars for the 2 scratches but better than $2000!

Thanks for all the help!

Chances are if you get a newer one they prob would waive the remaining 800?

If you don’t like how a company treated you, don’t give them more of your money.

Got mine done through Autovin today and it was great. No charge for wheels because you get $1000 waiver through Chase

I only had one key w the car so no issue there.

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Believe I asked this on another thread too but wouldn’t mind another opinion, especially because I’m going to be in the same situation as OP.

Dealer told me they’ll do a pre-inspection themselves and it would only last 15 mins. If auto vin has the final inspection responsibility, should I push for a pre-inspection from them too? IMO a pre inspection form AutoVin would hold more weight than a lookover by the dealer.

I did this 30 days before my return

Hi, could you expand on the $1000 waiver through chase?