BMW early lease buyout in Illinois question


Has anyone bought out their lease in Illinois recently?
BMW now states that I have to contact a dealer to complete the buyout, but I do not want to pay additional fees that dealer will tack on that are not stated in my original contract.
Can I mail certified check directly to BMWFS instead of going to the dealer? Has anyone tried doing that when their buyout paperwork stated to contact dealer?

Another question is who is the best (lowest fees and added charges) dealer in Chicago area to complete the buyout? Also if the dealer is far can I do everything over phone/email/mail? I’m not interested in paying for inspections to get the car certified and dealer telling me I need new tires and refinished wheels to buyout my lease and want to buy as is.

Not a direct answer to the question but you can try a dealer in NY (doc fee capped at $175) or CA ($85) such as @BMW_Dave


Lhs have reported success buying out using bmw of Manhattan? It’s a bmw corporate owned store I think.

I’m assuming you’ve already logged into your BMWFS account and confirmed that the option for self-service is no longer there.

(Actually, let’s be honest, if I was really assuming that I wouldn’t have bothered posting the comment :slight_smile: ).


Similar discussion for a BMW buyout in NC where Manhattan was mentioned. BMW is evidently requiring buyouts in certain states to go through dealers now :-1:

You have to go to the dealer. BMW owner with a lease coming up in Chicago soon. It is real frustrating.

What does the buyout letter look like in the states where direct buyout from BMWFS is allowed? Can someone please share a copy (privately maybe)?

I’m in Chicago and I did my buyout with BMSFS directly about 4 months ago. I got the letter online indicating how much I owe and where to send the check.

I sent in payment, they closed the lease off online, and I’m on my way.

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Living in the city of Chicago guarantees the worst lease deal in country with the crazy 18+% taxation.

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I couldn’t do direct buyout from BMWFS because the new paperwork is 5 pages and information on where and how to pay is missing along with odometer statement. I would’ve tried had I printed a copy before this change went into effect. I actually called BMWFS and they gave me address to send the check to, but I’m afraid it would’ve gotten rejected because of the missing portions of the paperwork.
I ended up going to Orland Park BMW, where I originally got the car, and they only charged $300 for processing and did not want to inspect the car and sell me additional crap.

So basically BMW does allow you to buy it direct if you call, but you decided to go the dealer and pay $300.

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The lady on the phone said to send the check in, but I think I’d run into issues because they did not provide updated paperwork required to buyout, like federal odometer statement.

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