BMW Lease Buyout — SE NC

I have two 2019 540i sedans coming off lease in August. Up until now payoff documents stated send payoff to BMWFS. Today they say contact local dealer. I called BMWFS who stated NC now requires going through a NC dealer. Cars were leased out of GA and letter received today from BMWFS states call GA dealer. I’m thinking BMWFS isn’t to sure how they want to move forward. I am considering purchasing extended warranties upon buyout. Looking for insight from hackers and BMW dealerships alike.


Where do you officially reside? What does your bmw paperwork/account say in that regard.

North Carolina. The original contract doesn’t state other than disposition fee. My attorney friend said, according to the Consumer Leasing Act, if they don’t mention buyout fees in contact dealer cannot charge fee to process the buyout.

It seems like this is maybe a BMWFS thing and not a state thing.

A very similar question was asked last month except in Illinois; BMWFS saying IL now requires buyouts through the dealer but wam chimed in and mentioned he wasn’t aware of any new state regulations requiring buyouts only through a dealer.

FWIW I’m in Raleigh, just pulled up my MBFS lease online and nothing has changed with regards to lease payoff, still send the check straight to MBFS.

Are you sure they’re worth buying though?

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Looks like there is some equity. Plus hard to come across anything similar to drive at my buyout of $35000.

I’m also in similar situation, Any update, did you contact local bmw dealer. Are they charging any fees ? It seems another trick by BMW to have dealers make money by transfer or at least handling title…

very limited, if any, equity in a 540. the one my folks have is underwater. i’d stay away.


Dealers here in NC are charging $700-$900 doc fees. Last page of BMWFS doc’s state dealer cannot charge fees not disclosed in original contract. I’ve been waiting a week to hear from a supervisor at BMWFS.

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My buyout are around $35K. I have offers from individuals offering $43,000 I think it’s worth it.

feels way too low for a 540. you sure that’s not net of MSD?

Yes, it’s correct! If I apply MSD buyout is around $32,500 (see attached).

That was real good deal on my this car

Same deal x2…on 2019 540i company cars. Sub $400 with tax. Pretty hard to beat.

And each car has less than 30,000 miles. That also helps on the equity side.

I have a work around. I’d rather not post it but will share in private messages

Anyone had any success buying BMW lease in NC ? BMW southpoint is marking up even the Residual value along with Doc fee .

Can you show us. That shouldn’t be happening, a buyout price is contractually set.

There may be additional fees; but I’ve never heard of a dealer marking up the residual value

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They marked up my Residual by $500 .This dealer response was like “you have no other option and that is how we do business “ . Despite i am being a regular customer with them.

Sounds like they’re adding a $500 in and out fee (hidden at that) which is….odd for a lease buyout. That’s usually reserved for when you want to sell a car privately but capture the trade tax credit against another purchase.

The doc fee on top that is simply adorable, too.

We have a dealer we work with in NC, lemme see what’s SOP for them on buyouts.