BMW Discount programs

Thinking of possibly ordering a BMW.

Havent leased a BMW in almost a decade (when I did European Delivery).

What current discount programs are there?

I see recent posts her Mentioning “OL” code discount.
I know there used to be BMW driving events that gave you discount codes as well.
I remember there used to be a BMWCCA discount back in the day too!

Looking for all available discounts to see which ones I qualify for as well as info on which ones are stackable.

Thanks in advance everyone.

CCA rebates are still available.

Make sure you read the membership requirements, as those may have changed since last time you looked.

Ahhhh. You have to be a member for 1 year prior to being eligible for the discount. Won’t qualify for that. Thanks.

I don’t know if you noticed this or not (or if it even helps), but just in case:

A non-refundable membership of three or more years can be purchased to reduce the 12-month waiting period to 6 months.

OL codes are what is given out at BMW driving events. Sometimes local dealers have local driving events with OL codes.

When are you planning to take delivery? And for what model?

BMW programs kinda suck right now… MF is high, loyalty amount is ok, and the tap has turned off for a lot of other incentives (no PenFed/USAA, OL can be locked to a region or a dealer).

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Hmm looks like i4 isn’t on the list.

Considering a msport trim 230i…going to go for a test drive in a week or so…my current lease (Volvo) expires around october…may extend it a bit if possible

It does. Thank you!

So you’re saying if I live in NJ and there is a BMW driving event in Philadelphia, the OL code I receive there I wont be able to use when placing the order with a NJ dealer?


Incentives like CCA and OL were icing on the cake. The cake was the combination of discount, RV, MF, MSD, loyalty/fleet and even bigger discount on loaners.

There’s no cake rn. More like a shit salad.


The OL codes are usually good at dealers in the same region as where you get the code. In Southern California, most/all local dealers used to accept the OL codes received locally, although some only offered $500 discount instead of $1,000. Apparently BMW picks up half the discount, while the dealer pays the other half. This was all pre-pandemic car shortage, so I do not know if things work the same today.

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I just put the numbers in the calculator. Wow, you weren’t kidding.

Wonder if BMW will try to do something in regards to their programs as they took a pretty big hit in passenger car sales in the US.

Pretty sure the hit was mostly due to supply side constraints consisting of Covid lockdowns. The lockdowns negatively effected factory production and the manufacture of various parts in the supply chain along with logistics slow downs. Most of what they make still sells at a pretty brisk pace. Speculation here but I wouldn’t count on BMW subsidizing or incentivizing most models for a while. They recently raised mf for leases indicating an environment which wouldn’t call for much discounting.

If it was supply side issues wouldn’t it have impacted their SUV sales as well? Those are UP from last year.

Parts shortage, I don’t think it’s sales side unless Minnetonka is hoarding that many cars wink wink nudge nudge @DG-X5

SUVs are made in the United States. 3 series are made in Mexico and Germany, 5,6,7, and 8 plus ///M cars are made in DE as well.

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X1, X2, 2, 4, i4 and iX also made in :de:

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Mini platforms and EVs, oops. X3/4/5/6/7 and their ///M variants (I think) are made in the US!

Right, but the parts are sources from the very same places that parts for sedans are sourced from. Supply issues would impact all of them. My guess, for whatever its worth, is that many people do not like the 3 series restyling and its impacting their bread and butter sales.