BMW Dealer says my custom order is no longer mine unless I pay more


I ordered BMW with expectation of being delivered in July with a broker here back in April. Car is in “ready for transport” stage. Today, I get a call today from the dealer saying pretty much my custom ordered car is no longer mine, unless I want to pay more 6% off instead of the agreed 9.5% due to market conditions and because I worked with a broker. What are my options here.


Nobody here, other than you, the broker, and possibly dealer, were party to what you agreed to.

What do you have in writing? From whom?

What did the broker tell you?

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We just have agreement via email/text messages with the BMW salesperson.

The broker here (I’ll hold out info on who for now) just said the same thing, so he’s simply refunding me my deposit and fee.

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That says they are ordering that build for you at the agreed discount?

Scummy by the dealer. But not much the broker can do other than refund you whatever your already paid in the way of depo/fees.


Yes order is in my name. BMW FS also took this as another lease to reimburse our previous lease fee.

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Broker should also reconsider their relationship, or lack of, with the dealer.


Yes, which I can’t be mad at the broker was great. But dealer says effective now, all customer orders are being cancelled if done with brokers. dealer says they aren’t the only one doing this, it is because of “Market conditions”.


Which makes sense for new orders, not a car leaving the factory.

I’m guessing the dealer isn’t holding a deposit from the broker?

100%, and maybe that has already happened? But woof, if I were that broker I’d be in front of that dealership, for my aggrieved clients, with a news crew.

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I’d also put that dealer on blast to make sure that others won’t use the dealer and I’d also take this up the BMW chain of command. Shaddy tactics.


I greatly greatly appreciate @Fff ‘s decorum in this.

And: I hope someone spills the tea here

This is more that upsets me, actually having the ability build a car to spec only to possibly see it sit as inventory on the dealer lot due to dealer greed.


You’re in NJ? Where is the dealer in question?

No reason to not share, it’s Princeton BMW


Damn - what a d*ck move. Luckily I took delivery of my custom ordered BMW back in March and potentially avoided these type of BS games.

Call their bluff… I had a Lexus dealer change the agreed msrp discount by 1%…I walked. But things are different now.


surprising that princeton would do that. i was going to guess open road. they have been doing that.

edit: i was servicing the i8 at open road today and asked if they wanted to buy it off me. their sales manager told me that i was “not allowed to sell something that i didn’t own”. he then asked me why i wasn’t interested in taking something from them and using the i8 as equity. so he told me i couldnt sell something, but then told me how to monetize the equity in it. i laughed in his face and walked away.


useless unless you have a buyers order from when the order was made. they don’t need the business, i promise you.

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They don’t need the business NOW. Markets are cyclical, things will change and eventually we’ll be in a recession where suddenly the car business will ‘need’ customers. I would not sacrifice my name, reputation, or ability to generate future business over a couple of grand now.

*edit wording since I can’t type

Also, I’m not an attorney but it does sound like a ‘contract’ was technically in place…

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