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Hey everyone! Most of you know me as BMW_Dave but my real name is Dave Townsend and I’m an Internet Client Advisor at BMW of Murrieta. I’ve been at this dealership since 2012 and am blessed to call the Hendrick Automotive Group my family. There are no better dealership owners out there than Mr. Rick Hendrick and our local on-site principal Boris Said. These guys are the real deal and extremely down to earth!

If you’d like to hear a truly inspiring story just watch this video about Mr. Hendrick and what he has accomplished while being faced with unbelievable trials in his life that would’ve crushed most people!

BMW of Murrieta is the only dealership in history to win BMW North America’s coveted Center of Excellence Award in it’s first year of business and we have done it every year for 9 years in a row! We were also the only BMW dealership in CA to be named 2020 Dealer of the Year by DealerRater which is based completely on customer satisfaction. We currently have over 1,000 Customer Reviews and I’ve been blessed to receive over 300 from my own clients which is more than many dealerships have for their entire staff!

I know I should probably “sell myself” more here but I believe my reviews speak for themselves. What forum members don’t know about me is that I’m a million times more blessed in my personal life than I am at work. I have a beautiful loving wife of 17 years (but we’ve been together for almost 26) and we are beyond lucky to have two daughters, a son and a grandson! This is my true motivation to work as hard as I can for my clients and do everything in my power to make every deal. And if you’ve had any experience with me, whether it was just a quick email quote or you’ve leased multiple vehicles already, you know that I treat my clients as family as well.

If you have leased a car from me or simply want to post something here about how I may or may not have helped you, please do since that is what this thread is about. If you have questions or would like a quote, please do NOT post here but email me directly instead.

Thank you to all the people that reached out to me to ask for for help and especially those that have allowed me to add them to my growing list of lifelong clients. And thank you to the moderators here at leasehackr for giving the space to share knowledge and reach prospective customers directly.

Dave Townsend
Internet Client Advisor
BMW of Murrieta
41435 Auto Mall Pkwy
Murrieta, CA 92562
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Just popping in to say that Boris is badass.

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And this it probably the only time you will EVER see him in a tux! This was due to a bet that he lost to Mr. Hendrick. :laughing:

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If you know him personally. Tell him to get his ass back in a rally car on a proper rally stage!


Also, you rock too @BMW_Dave, appreciate the clear and concise BMW info every month. Should also mention that you can help out with other Hendrick locations I believe? And not just to socal?

Props to Dave for all his input here well beyond working his own deals for hackers


Dave is a big time contributor and one of our finest registered dealers on the site. Thanks for all you do, Dave!


I have leased two cars through Dave and referred a coworker who leased another. Dave is straightforward and won’t waste your time. Both of my deals were seamless with no nonsense before or after I got to the dealership. He is a great source of information on these forums and a pleasure to work with in person as well. Thanks again Dave!


Got quoted from my local dealer, went online and stumbled on this website to check if I got a good deal. Someone replied @BMW_Dave, and the next day Dave jumped in saying he would get me a better deal. I even gave my local dealership a chance to match and they wouldn’t. Dave was great, explained everything in detail, answered all my questions (very quickly) and my BMW 530e xDrive was delivered on time exactly as promised! Would totally work with him again on my lease.


I’m planning to lease later this year and currently doing research. I contacted Dave with some questions and he answered them quickly. I plan on going to him first when the time comes.

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Dave, oughta find the BMW Roundel magazine article about BMW Murietta and post it up here, was quite a good read!

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Even though I haven’t been a customer of his YET, @BMW_Dave has been a tremendous resource of information. I’m postive any deal with him would be smooth, fast and transparent with no BS. :+1:


17 years leasing BMWs Dave is as good as they come.

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Dave answered questions I had (on his day off!) even though I’m located across the country from him. If I could, I’d buy from him in a second. Very helpful, and very nice.

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Dave Townsend at Murrieta BMW is like having a trusted family member in the car business. Instead of wanting to rifle through your wallet grabbing all your cash, he wants to earn your business for today and tomorrow. He’s smart, honest, responsive, and eager to help you understand the tricks, tactics, and all around crappy moves that lots of sales people use to shake a few hundred or thousands of extra bills out of you.

I found Townsend while searching BMW lease terms forum on I’m a pretty nerdy shopper, and I have a law degree. I do my homework.

I had four dealer offers for the BMW I wanted. I selected the one with the lowest price after discounts and incentives, the lowest money factor, and the least amount of fees and drive offs. It was from a BMW dealer about 40 mins from my home in West Los Angeles. I thought I was all set.

Dave Townsend’s dealership is in Murrieta a full 1 1/2 from my home. I didn’t expect he could do anything worth the trip out there, but I sent him the offer terms I had anyway, just to confirm that I’d found the best deal.

His response blew me away. He thanked me for sending him the quote and showed me hidden charges in it. Then he offered the exact car, color, and options I was looking for with significantly BETTER TERMS.

The next day, I was in Murrieta signing the papers for the car I’d been haggling over for weeks. There are so many unresponsive, dishonest, and difficult sales people in the world of buying and leasing cars, I feel like I’ve been rescued. The drive was 100% worth it.

Wherever you are, give Dave Townsend a shot to earn your business. I am so grateful to him for all of his help, patient teaching, and follow-through on his word. He’s a great guy, and I have a tremendous sense of relief.

I can finally say that I have a friend in the business who looks out for me, tells me the truth, and gets me the best deals.


I will echo the sentiments on this thread about, Dave - I actually jumped on the White 328d deal, Dave offered last week and drove 8 hours down to Murietta. In an out took the usual couple of hours (was hoping for quicker but paperwork always takes time). In the end, everything Dave stated was spot-on, vehicle was as described and process was painless - Dave saved me over $175/mth compared to local dealers! - Thanks Dave!

I want to give a shoutout @BMW_Dave and Thank him for taking time to provide “awesome” quote and answered all the questions with highest professionalism without making me feel pressured. Although I have not closed the deal yet, I am looking forward to show-up soon on his “buzzer-beater” Deal :joy: and building relationships going forward…

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Just chiming in here! I do not consider myself a “true” leasehacker- I’m too picky about what I want and impatient (but am new to leasing and found much valuable info here and avoided being TRULY ripped off), however I was starting to feel like I’d never find the car I wanted at a price I felt was reasonable and the experiences I was having with other salespeople were frustrating to say the least! I felt completely overwhelmed and confused and ready to give up.

Dave responded to my first e-mail quite late in the evening, quickly located a car to fit my needs at another dealer, gave me the best price I’d seen RIGHT off the bat with no games, explained why it was fair and I picked it up yesterday and got to meet him and experience his fabulous service in person. He really took the time to walk me through the car and set up and explain the key features. If only there were more like him out there! As a woman, I tend to feel intimidated in situations like this. He didn’t talk down to me at all and was extremely patient. He’s a gem.

Don’t even waste your time at other dealerships, go with Dave and get your BMW experience the way it ought to be!