BMW corporate fleet

Hi everyone,

Is there a rebate for corporate fleet this month?


Does anyone know how much the corporate lease rebate is for the 530e? Is it better than if you just have conquest and not loyalty? @BMW_Dave

Corporate Fleet can’t be combined with most of other rebates like conquest and CCA.

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Corporate fleet isn’t what it used to be. You’ll have to ask a CA what the discount is on the particular car you’re looking at. Most lease credits no longer qualify to be combined on Corp fleet. The general rule of thumb is if you have loyalty, take the lease credits and skip fleet.

What if you don’t have loyalty?

Pretty sure it’s market based but if you bought from me it would be $4,000 on a 530e. Better than Conquest but not as good as Loyalty. Now if you have College Grad as well you would want to go the conquest route as CSP doesn’t stack with anything.


Thanks Dave! Looks like it can’t be stacked with CCA rebate, so maybe it makes sense more for loaners?

Possibly. Again, it depends on what other rebates you qualify for if any.

What about an bmw i8? I qualify for fleet and have loyalty. How much of the $24965 would I get?

Email me at and let me know what stock # you want from my inventory. I can put it together for you.

I just emailed you. Thanks Dave!

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Got it. Thank you! I will put that together for you as soon as I’m out of our morning meeting.

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I understand that CSP doesn’t stack with any other customer incentive from BMW.

Does that mean that the best price you can get with CSP is:

MSRP - CSP incentive = selling price?

Or is there still a dealer discount in there as well?

Also, is consulting a local BMW dealer the only way to know what the actual CSP discount is for a particular model?

The current CSP sheet shows “Up to $13,500” on a 2019 7 Series.

I’m assuming this is because the incentive is regional in nature, but it could also be model-driven, or both.

Read the terms, fool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Available Corporate Sales incentives vary by model or location. Represented incentives shown above may not be available in your location. Please contact your local authorized BMW or MINI dealer for available offers.

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I second the question as I’ve gotten conflicting answers. If a region is offering 13.5k on 7 series - can you stack w dealer discount?

Dealer discount is just how much the dealer will discount the car from their profit. It isn’t an "incentive ", it is simply a negotiation on how profit you can suck away then you add the incentives. Fleet doesn’t stack with other incentives but dealer discount is different.

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Can you share Corporate fleet with family members?

This was not was I was told. I was told that the CSP gives you a max discount off the MSRP but NOT the dealer’s price.

Put another way, if MRSP is $10 and the CSP gives you $1 off, you will pay $9, and the dealer cannot further discount the car, even if they wanted to if you want to use CSP. That is, they cannot sell the car at $9, $8, $7, etc, they must sell it for full MSRP before your CSP incentive.

@aronchi, @bretbmw (or anyone who knows), please correct me if I am wrong.