BMW corporate fleet question

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Do any of you know anything about the BMW Corporate Fleet program? I searched the forum and there appears to be some discussion on this topic from awhile back, but nothing too definitive. From my understanding, the program may have changed earlier this year. As of now, it doesn’t appear to stack with Conquest or Loyalty, but may stack with lease cash.

Can you use this plus any negotiated dealer discount (i.e. MSRP - fleet - lease cash - negotiated dealer discount)? If so, do you have any idea how much much this discount would be?

Sorry for all the questions, but any information on this would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve seen this, float around.

Stacks with lease cash, but not with loyalty or conquest (if you have loyalty use that over this, as it includes 2 free payments as credit). I3 has fine print, need to read that, I think it is finance, owners choice, or purchase only. So in your way of saying, it would be MSRP - dealer discount, with fleet and lease cash as incentives, it functions as loyalty afaik, minus certain loyalty benefits (like 2 waived payments). Feel free to correct me!

Employee must provide a current paystub as proof of eligibility. The paystub is used to verify employment with a company participating in the BMW Group Corporate Sales Program. The employee may redact personal information that is not relevant to prove the employment relationship. Provided paystubs will remain with the BMW or MINI dealer for auditing purposes and are not shared with third parties.

Corporate Sales Program incentives can be combined with other program credits such as Lease, APR, or Cash credits. It is not combinable with the Loyalty or Conquest program. The BMW i3 incentive is not combinable with any other offers.

BMW Pre-Owned, BMW Company Vehicles, Extended Test Drive, Retired Service Loaners, and previously reported vehicles with 5,000 or more miles are not eligible with the Lease or Finance incentive

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Leashackr BMW Leasing Wiki says:

Corp Fleet is a specified discount off MSRP and it is different on every model. **It cannot be combined with any Lease / APR, Conquest or Loyalty Credits. It is also NOT available to customers who currently own a BMW or have owned one in the last 12 months.

Is that wrong?

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My certificate says it can be combined with other program credits such as Lease, APR, or Cash credits. However, it cannot be combined with Loyalty or Conquest programs.

@HersheySweet - I’ve read that it functions like loyalty as well (minus the loyalty benefits like 2 waved payments). I just wanted to see if it’s the same amount. The certificate says to contact the dealers for additional info, but just wanted to get another perspective from here.

Thanks for the help.

@HersheySweet is right. Wiki is wrong for the current program.

But OP should state which model they are purchasing. The Corporate Fleet discount varies depending on the BMW model.

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Just changed the wiki! I’m going to cite this comment, mind if I do?

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Please do. Glad to help.

Yes, that would be helpful to update the Wiki with the latest corporate fleet info. The link is also a great tool as it lists the actual incentive amounts. I’m looking at the X3, which looks like it’s a $1,500 incentive for this month.

MY 19 and 20, 21 330e if you can find one, rumors are that some landed on the docks pre covid.

Hi Folks, if you lease, does this credit apply to the full vehicle price, or just your payment part? For example if the credit is $750, for a 3 year term lease would that reduce my monthly payment by roughly $20, or only less than $10 because residual ratio is 56%?

I found the answer from their webpage. Applies to MSRP, so that means $750 credit only reduces monthly payment by $10 ish for a 36 month term.