BMW accelerate into Autumn event

Does the dealer get reimbursed by BMW for this 1k discount? If not how does it work exactly?

As I understand it…it’s $500 from BMW and $500 from the dealer.

They trying to give me just $500, that is why I ask.

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Good code nonetheless.

So basically they are making another $500 on me right?

No. $500 is contributed by dealer $500 by FS. Dealer just isn’t contributing the extra $500. This usually happens when they’re already going fairly deep on a discount.

I guess not because they told me $500 is the discount. I did not know it was 1k until I looked it up.

If the deal is heavily discounted the dealer may choose not to honor his side. But, you should be able to push a bit. Or maybe ask for swag in equal value…all weather mats etc.

Well they are at 17% on a demo X1 so they tell me it is heavily discounted.

Pretty decent. Not a loser deal but not making money.

That’s a pretty good deal. Comparable to some of the better seen here. Are you applying MSD?

No MSD just 1k DAS, 10/36, $318 tax in ($41,945)

You should consider MSD…at 7 you might save $25-$30 month. And, that’s a solid return on investment.

Hm. I didn’t think about it like that. I will throw it in the calculator and see what it brings.

They are getting 2 points on the MF already. They refused to do base with the discount.

If that’s the case I don’t see why they wouldn’t honor their $500 side of the OL. I think the rate for September dropped as well you should check…as they might be making more than they’re telling you.

Yea it dropped to .0128. They probably don’t want to put another $500 into it.

.0004 is one point markup.

Dealers down here will do discount up front as well but markup by one point so finance gets paid because of low doc fee.

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I am pretty sure they marked it up to .0148

So that’s a half point. What is your doc fee?