BMW 8 Series Deals for March

I have seen some deals popping for for the BMW 8 series coupes and gran coupes. Can someone tell me what the incentives are that are driving prices so low to be between 17 and 20 percent off msrp?

Manufacturer money.

Can anyone tell me how the 8 series is being so heavily discounted…is it manufacturer incentives?

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How much? 10101010 or I’ll post in every thread that all BMW’s should be 20% off like IAC said :grinning:


Not all things that should, are.



I saw on the lease offers on 840 that they have a dealer contribution of $9080 and a $5175 cap cost reduction, but it’s around 15%. I’m just seeing if anyone has any info that can help me get to the 17 to 19 percent. You don’t know unless you ask so if anyone can help it appreciate it

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Is this from the BMWUSA site? If so, that Cap Cost reduction includes the down payment.

Flagship and 4-5% dealer discount.

On an 840, likely 17% is the best.

Manufacturer money changes on each model/engine.

Schomp in Denver had a few they were looking to let go cheaply. Support for the 2020’s ends 3/31/2021 so they need to move them out.

I’m a bit upside down on my current lease or I might have snagged one.

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What do you mean by flagship?

Flagship aka trunk money. It’s basically backend money from the manufacturer to dealers in order to move certain makes/models. Don’t get hung up on it and it’s not usually public info.

If you monitor certain makes/models long enough, you can guess what the amounts are


Better hope they’re stingy on everything else to take a hard loser on their 2020 7/8’s

It was 18-19% off on 2/28 w/o any haggling. They have a pretty good buying experience from what I’m hearing from BMW Club people.

Does anyone know if the best overall monthly price is had on 840/850 coupe/gran coupe. Sometimes a certain combo does better than the others…Also thank you all for your input. I’m a novice but I’ve gotten some great deals on leases in his past thanks to this forum as help from people like you…so it’s really appreciated.

no kidding?? you would think that my local BMW dealer would contact a potential customer like me!..


Gotta seek what you’re after.

If started seeing 2022 BMW’s showing up in dealer los and I’ve been contacted by one regarding an 8 series I’m interested. Can someone tell me if there is support for 2022 yet (I assume there is). I saw for 2021, there’s a recommended dealer contribution of $9400+ and over $5,000 in manufacturer money available. But I just don’t know what that means for a 2022. Can someone help me out here

Have you checked edmunds?

They said no incentives cause I asked yesterday. Sometimes I’ve gotten incorrect incentive information for instance, when I got my i8, the Edmunds forum didn’t provide the right info so just wanted to see if any hackers could confirm the info I got there