BMW 530i Xdrive 2020

Is the following deal good?

BMW 530i Xdrive 2020
Color: Glacier silver metallic
Upholstery: black
convenience package
Annual Mileage : 12000
Lease duration : 36 months

MSRP : $59080
Sell price : 53215

Drive off amount : $2000
Monthly: $650
Residual : 58%

Not sure about other details

Not even remotely. How about providing the MF, applicable rebates, whether it’s new or a demo, if this includes MSDs? Help us help you.

The dealer did not tell me MF or rebates.
It is new.

By demo, do you mean the service loaners?
They told me in NY state, we cannot do MSDs. so this is without MSD.

Yes please help

May want to circle back with the dealer and find out what rebates have been applied and the MF. Might also be worth your time to get quotes from a few dealers, should help get a sense for the market.

What would be a good MF?

Also is there I can see some of the deals here on this forum for a comparison?
I am very new to this forum

Check out the BMW leasing wiki - it might point you in the right direction. Otherwise maybe reach out to one of the many talented brokers here.