BMW 530i review

Hello All,

Looking to get some hackrs input on this purposed deal I have for a M5. It’s a tanzanite blue over silver stone. COMP, DAPP and Exec. Precovid this a horrible deal but with the market conditions in mind and no mark up what do you.

I mean your dropping over $1400 a month and $10k up front. What is anyone really going to say that can change your mind? Now even in the best of circumstances what can you really save $100-200 a month. A little over $1700 a month use to be exotic territory.

My honest to god advice? I wouldn’t touch a BMW in todays climate, they used to be the “discount” luxury brand, always unicorns on the mass produced stuff. Sometimes you’d even see crazy good deals on M, such as the M4 comps under $800-1000 all in. In the words of Shaun of the Dead “We order a nicely equipped TRX, and wait for all this to blow over.”

Edit: Your effectively paying over $60k to drive the car for 3 years. Might make sense to see about a preowned and getting out in 1-2 years. Can’t imagine total cost will be more. Also you could prolly get an exotic and get in and out for 60k, hell might even make a few shekles.


A horrible deal in a good market does not become a great deal in a bad market. I think you know the answer on this one.


This is an awful deal. It honestly probably makes more sense to finance for 60 months at .9%.

I think leasing for 90% of vehicles is probably going to be less attractive than a low interest finance for the foreseeable future (though who knows what “foreseeable” really even means anymore).

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If all else fails, get a jeep

When did this forum become so defeatist? :skull:

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Sometimes the correct answer is the most obvious. I always saw Leasehackr as how can I get the most “bang for buck”. Tough to compete with the current 4XE value.

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You’d have to admit though, in good times, when a challenging brand or model to hack came along, the mantra was, if all else fails, get a BMW

As long as you set aside an extra $200/mo for chiropractic visits. :grin:



But a 4XE is not the answer.

Find a sport sedan you can afford to buy/finance.

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Thank you all for your input. It basically comes down to this or waiting for the AMG. E53 I have on order (currently have one already) which would also be 10k down and about ~1200 monthly.

That it or may be just a waiting game to see when something reasonable pops up.

If you want performance the M5 has the E53 beat.

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I’d hit up @legendsauto for a price. Last I checked, they had an in stock unit and way better numbers.

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The M5 Comp is faster then an E63 so I wouldn’t compare it to an E53… lol


I don’t think 99% of the drivers can tell the difference between an M5 and E63.

I think it comes down to the experience how the drive makes you feel (at this price point).

They’re both sufficiently expensive to be impractical.

You have approximately $5500 in down payment. At least see if you should try to take that out of the drive off.

The E53 is somewhere between a 540i and 550i … why is a M5C being considered here as an alternative to a E53?

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Just get a Plaid, have it make fake M5 type noises, and call it a day :slight_smile:

I Like Yes GIF by Trevi Moran

I’ve posted this before, but if it is about acceleration, the Plaid just crushes everything else so badly its embarassing.

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Worst ride I couldn’t wait for them to come today to pick the 4xe up.