BMW 530i review

Looks like the mf is marked up 20 bps, base MF is .00111

I would argue for base MF, along with using the $10K for MSDs instead of a downpayment, and rolling in the T+T+Fs into the lease. I think you should be in the $1700 ish territory all said and done.
Reality is M5s are extremely difficult to come across these days, so MSRP with base MF is the best deal possible.

FWIW, we leased a 2021 M5 Competition in Oct 2020 through Dan from Next Level on this forum for $1330 per month all in only first payment due at signing, no MSDs, 125K sticker. Managed to get 8% off MSRP with base MF. Tanzanite over Aragon.


That seems like an interesting point for them to break on since usually if you’re gonna grab some rate you go for the whole meal and not half of it.

I just figured OP had a stipulated approval based on the markup and DAS.


If I was in your position, I would toy with financing a Lucid Air. 2 month wait time, similar performance, and unique appearance. I sat in one the other day and was blown away by how much better the build quality is over a tesla.

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Is that right? Hmm. Thinking about one but the free EA stations are far out of town. :eyes:

A rivian with a big battery would be of more use to me but the wait times are insane…

2023 is right around the corner

Still waiting on that 2020 Roadster 2.0…

The Simpsons Waiting GIF


What would you all consider a good deal in this current market?

I think it totally depends on your subjective want. If you reeeeally want the car and can afford to splurge (and be OK with possibly/likely being underwater on it sometime during the term when things return to normal), then just sign on it :slight_smile: As noted above, there is not much you are likely to be able to do to make this deal more palatable, and even then what is going to be shaved off? $100/mo? Thats rounding error on a car like this IMO.

As someone who has had a few dozen BMW over the years, I agree with @vinny unfortunately :-(. Even much more mundane BMW (like my wifes M235) now are pushing ~$700/mo when a year ago we signed at sub $400. Pining over the past isnt really helpful, but it is a reminder that times right now are very abnormal and objectively that buying/leasing right now is generally best to be avoided except in a few well known scenarios (which we have all been obsessing over for months now…LOL).

He works at Tesla. That’s be interesting.

And working at Tesla and pulling up in an M5 would also seem to be interesting!

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Yeah no Lucid or electric for me. Currently pulling up in my M4 to work the one day out of the month I go lol. “Family car” is the one that will soon need to be replaced due to the lease ending.

Anything else worth while you guys would consider in the 80-100k range?

On the same level as a M5 comp and 80-100k newish? Not off the top of my head. M5 budget level, Rs6 avant is my idea of an iconic kiddie hauler.

I was going to suggest a 2018/2019 e63 wagon but they’re all obscenely expensive now. They used to be around 90, which would have potentially made financial sense.

Buy a new M4 (ordered to spec) or an Audi RS3. It beats an E53 in every conceivable way as a sport sedan.

TBH if you’re going ICE just for the ICE characteristics like sound etc then maximize those via an I5 motor like an RS3 or an NA V8 like an IS 500. Or a manual like a CT4 Blackwing.


Skip the E53 but if you like the AMGs you should consider a cpo e63 sedan. I think 2018 was the last model year before the exhaust noise was reduced to meet EU regulation so that year or prior would be good. They seem to be averaging around $80k.

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Seconding that. Probably will be a collectors item in the long run too.

Good points but I think it’s hard to time the market. There are so many factors that are playing on the prices these days (supply chain constraints, inflation, etc.).

I think prices are not going to return to “normal” overnight, that is even if they return to normal. We’ll gradually see brokers on this site start to offer higher percentages off of MSRP, and if you’re smart & concerned about supply returning to normal, you could just dump your car before prices creep all the way back to 11% off MSRP on M series BMWs.

That being said, I think an M5C is easily worth $1700 p/m, at least to me in this market. If I were OP, considering he’s getting an MSRP deal, I’d go for it. I would just dump the car when discounts start scaling up, and re-sign a new lease on a cheaper one when possible

I have a couple of M4cp builds and a M4cv available it just so happens.

Can’t go wrong with a current gen M4. By far my favorite car over all the ones I’ve had.


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