BMW 440i Coupe Lease Deal

Looking for some feedback on the deal I got today.

MSRP- $62,695
RV- 57%
MF- .00195
Lease Credit- $5,500
Grad Discount- $1,000
Down- $2500

The initial deal offered to me was $872 per month with taxes, with a MF of .00225. Make of that what you’ll.

Then got offered another $2500 in discount, which brought the lease down to $756/month, which still looks bad to me. What do you guys think should be the ideal amount for this?

You are not missing a bunch of info, but it’s terrible no matter what.

Well it’s 730. And I’m pretty sure they never ran my credit details

It would do you good to look at all other BMW deals on here so you can learn all of the numbers that you’re missing and also get to know what makes a good and a bad deal. Currently, you’ve got a pretty shit deal. Here’s something else to read: BMW Leasing Wiki

Lastly, if you want to skip to a decent deal, just go to the broker’s forum and pay one about $400 fee to get you a much better deal.

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Cut payment in half of original offer and you might have good deal.

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Clearly, I got a shitty deal. But I had no idea I could get this car in $450/month range. Can anyone direct me towards a tried and tested broker here as I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to bring down the sales guy from $750 to $450 on my own

Let’s start with your location? Can you provide a lease sheet for the offer the dealer made?

I thought dealers can’t mark up MF more than .0004? With the current base rate, that should mean a max of .00185. Maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

.0004 is the max BMWFS will allow, but the dealer can be quoting for Tier2 or lower credit or they can be waiving the acq fee. That’s why OP needs to get more info.

Update -

The dealership has offered me $6500 in discount on top of $5500 in lease credit & $1000 college grad discount. Monthly lease amount down to $598/month including tax with a down payment of $2000. Should I take the offer??

I’m thinking no. Something is still foul here.

Finally, got the beast. Fully loaded with M-sport, track handling & M-Performance Package❤️

Please tell me you didn’t sign at an effective $660/mo.

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Omg screaming deal. Can you send me the dealer name so I can replicate?

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I don’t like the marked up MF, and you probably could have pushed for more discount. But since the contract is signed, enjoy the car while you have it!

I got the base MF of .00145, don’t believe you can get lower than that at BMW. I did reach out to a couple of brokers here, who quoted me $640+ on a $70K MSRP car. However, I was able to get $14K total in discounts & rebates, which brought my lease to < $600.
P.S- I wasn’t eligible for $2500 loyalty credit & was able to secure $1500 more on my trade in than they initially offered

I got offered $525 + tax on a 63K 440i (SoCal). Could have done better but it seems like your heart was set, so enjoy it!

Did you get loyalty credit? Looks like your & my lease is pretty much the same. I negotiated $535+ tax but on a $70K MSRP

You never mentioned a trade before.

So what were the actual final numbers?

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