BMW 440i AWD Coupe with Manual Transmission Questions


would anyone be able to share a realistic monthly payment on the following:

  • a 10,000 bmw lease deal

  • no money down

  • factoring in November 2018 specials in the ny metro area for a 2019 bmw 440i awd coupe with a manual transmission that has the following specs or something close to the ones listed below:

  • M Sport

  • a moonroof

  • standard safety features such as side and front airbags, active blind spot detection is not necessary

  • heated front seats

  • exterior color: alpine white or black

  • interior color: red coral leather, black leather or sensatec

  • 18" all season tires

thanks in advance for your help.

Hire a broker. No one here is gonna spec it out to find the MSRP and calculate a monthly for you.

Updated information:

Would anyone be able to comment on this November 2018 deal for a current BMW lessee
as I think the numbers are high, but looking for feedback from the pros. Thanks.

2019 BMW 440i AWD Coupe with Manual Transmission, M Sport

Option 1:

  • MSRP: $60,885.00 (NY metro area)
  • Miles: 10K
  • $976.50 Upfront
  • $879.00 per month for 36 months

Option 2:

  • MSRP: $60,885.00 (NY metro area)
  • Miles: 10K
  • $1,873.94 Upfront
  • $852.00 per month for 36 months

Option 3:

  • MSRP: $60,885.00 (NY metro area)
  • Miles: 10K
  • $2,912.07 Upfront
  • $820.00 per month for 36 months

Thank you.

In the wiki there is a topic on how to list info. You’re missing a lot of info that people need to evaluate your deal

thank you. i will working on getting those numbers and will post when i have them all.


2019 440xi AWD Coupe Manual Transmission with M Sport
MSRP: $59,710.00
Sale price: $49,749.00 which includes incentives
Gross Cap: $53,413.67
Residual: 57% ($34,034.00)
Money Factor: .00182
Term: 36 Months
Mileage: 10K miles

$4,231.65 down (includes first month, taxes, etc.) Northeast region

Monthly: $697.46

Any thoughts on rolling in first month payment, taxes, etc. so it is close to a $0 sign and drive vs. putting 1st month payment, taxes, etc.?

Note, this deal includes three payments of current vehicle as I have been told there is no pull ahead program at BMW for Nov. 2018.

Still seems high, but thoughts from the pros are appreciated.


@Jon should i repost the new info under a new topic heading that i posted yesterday for feedback as i am concerned it got lost. thanks for your help.

No. Just gotta wait for people to review, if they wish.

thank you @jon.

You should definitely be able to score a good deal on this - so carry on with the negotiations. The numbers are starting to look good except for the 4231 down. That’s BS.

thanks for the feedback @vhooloo. they didn’t seem like they wanted to budge, maybe they’d throw in an item from their store, lol. i think my current vehicle being included in there is causing part of the issue.

any thoughts on waiting till december or maybe just wait till march when my lease is up?

there will always be inventives, but i believe jan, feb and march won’t be as good as year end. is that correct?

thank you.

Your 1st 3 scenarios with different out of pocket are identical. For every $1000 you pay out of pocket, deduct ~$27.77 off of the monthly. So D/O of 1000 and 500/mo is the same as zero D/O and 500+ [(1000/36)=27.77)]= 527.77. Capische?

thank you @02cic.