Copy+Paste Info Request for Newbie Lease Deal Evaluation


Hello there,

Please provide the following info for a lease deal evaluation.

1. MSRP of the car you want: (Window Sticker Price)
2. Selling price of the car (your negotiated price of the car)
3. Gross cap cost of the car (this is the selling price + all bullshit fees taxes etc)
4. Incentives
5. Money Factor (MF)
6. Residual (in %)
7. Term of your lease (months)
8. Mileage allotment (7.5K/10K/12K/15K…etc)

Please also ask on edmunds what the base MF and residual are.
If you are unsure of how to do this:

1. Google [Model Year] [Manufacturer] [Model] [Lease Edmunds]
For example 2017 Lexus ES350 Lease Edmunds

2. Make an account on edmunds using 10minutemail if you don’t want spam.

3. Post your State, Mileage Allotment, Incentives, and Lease Term on that forum and wait for MF, incentives, and residual numbers.

Once we have these numbers, we’ll be able to provide you with a lease deal evaluation.

Thank you.

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Cap cost reductions come from the customer’s pocket. That’s different from incentives, which come from the OEM.


No cap cost reductions are down payments which come from all sources (US Bank discounts/OEM incentives) outside the dealer which is why I always ask for cap cost reductions with 0 down out of my pocket. On the final lease contract the dealer has to disclose “cap cost reductions” which includes incentives as well as money down ($0).

So if you do the math, (Total Cap Cost Reductions) - ($0 out of pocket) is incentives.

If I ask for incentives, the dealer tends to hide one or two from me to make the selling price higher.

For example:
$35000 MSRP with $1000 in incentives from OEM

The actual car cost the dealer $30000 invoice.

Without incentives, they could sell it for $32000 and get $2000 + 3% Holdback as their profit of $2960.

But no, I would tell them sell it for $31000 so they get $1000 + 3% Holdback + $1000 in incentives for a profit of $2960.


You need to learn the vernacular that the dealers use. No one in the trade thinks “Cap cost reductions are also known as incentives”.

Cap cost reductions come from the customer.
Incentives come from the OEM.

Financially they have the same effect on payments but only one comes out of your pocket.

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