BMW 430iXdrive Gran Coupe Take it or leave it(may11)?

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So this is the deal I’m getting

Question is to take it or leave it?
285 p/mo

Don’t want to do more than 1200 in MSDs

You have $6750 of incentives, the dealer quote does not

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It says 5750 correct? Guess he didn’t apply college grad?

However even with it corrected such as -42 from the monthly there’s still a huge difference p/mo

Where is the 5750 drive off coming from?

It appears those numbers are based on the 43k cash amount listed above your monthly payment options. So the discount of 6.7k May have been applied, but there is an additional amount of money that I’m struggling to account for

So over the phone he told me he can do
20% off the car (pre incentive)
6750 worth of incentives (lease cash + college grad + loyalty)
MF @ .00165
I asked for a sheet and that’s what he sent me
Also I think the incentives are marked as a drive off

Final deal updated above any idea how I can get it better, I have an OL code he said he has no idea what that is (the code is from an event at ridgefield bmw so idk if it would work with this dealership)

Also don’t understand the 26 dollar different p/mo

Just took a brief glance, but residual on your calculator link doesn’t match up with what’s given on the lease sheet. Also, the discount isn’t an even 20%, make sure you are inputting exactly the numbers on the lease sheet into the calculator to see if you can match up numbers.

Updated calc with exact numbers still not gett 248 with inceptions upfront.

Post the dealer’s worksheet so we can discuss this intelligently. Otherwise, everyone is just guessing.

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Like @delta737h said, the only way people can help is if you have the dealer worksheet posted…not sure why you deleted it from your post.

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Deleted by mistake when updating calc link posted again now

When you put new calculator links/new lease worksheets, etc., you can always just post it as a reply instead of editing your original post.

Okay sorry will do that from now on

No need to apologize, I personally just think it makes it easier for people to follow the changes/get the full picture in terms of updated/offer changes from the dealership, instead of having to page back through your edits.

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True true haha👍

What you posted is a quote. That is not a dealer lease worksheet. The worksheet provides all the details including money factor, residual, doc fee, acq fee, dmv fee, gross cap, adjusted cap, rebates/incentives, cap reductions, taxes, sales tax rate, etc. The terminology isn’t even correct. The 34 285 is not the cap cost, it’s the sell price. Apparently, you’re in NJ. It helps to know your state.

Not considering MSDs? I’d go $0 driveoff and MSDs on this.

Okay that’s what he sent me when I asked for the sheet, he’s not in the dealership atm will ask for a full comprehensive lease sheet with everything included.
Over the phone he told me the MF is .00165 and the total inceptions including acquistion is a little less than 3 grand, I’m not sure if there would be a luxury tax added on this car and maybe that’s why there a fluctuation in numbers?