BMW 430i loaner availability/discounts

I’m in OC. Dealerships do not carry too many 430i loaners near me. (Maybe I didn’t check around enough)

Even when I do find one, they are only quoting me 10-13% off MSRP before incentives/rebates.

Has this been the case for anybody else? I want to aim for the 20% that LH preaches, but have not even come close.

Ive found that the 20%+ on these is def not the usual from dealers, but if you search around hard youll find them. But you will likely have to try alot of dealers and expand your geographic radius until you get a hit. This may take a good bit of effort (so one has to determine if the effort is worth the possible discount).

Yup…thats the standard on them out of the box. But keep in mind the actual discount is less once the loaner miles deduction is considered.

So a 12% discount on a BMW 430i M sport coupe is… “LH acceptable” with the current market?

IMO…no. But opinions vary. I would have to be absolutely head over heels for a 4 series to sign at less than the high teens off before incentives.

It’s a beautiful car. Just sucks it’s so hard to find one WITH a decent deal

I agree! IMO the shape is just sooooo classically good looking.

You posted in the existing thread about this very topic, not sure what else we can tell you.

I did but felt like I might have been taking away from the original topic which was located in FL.

Maybe I was being redundant, sorry :slight_smile:

Doing my research, most BMW 430i coupes with M Sport and other options are in the 52-53K range.

Just found a loaner with great discounts. Summary: Selling Price: $40777

If this selling price is pre incentives/rebates, this should be a steal! Too good to be true?

I would suggest not posting the link to the car or mentioning the dealer as someone could scoop it up underneath you other than that most likeley incentives are baked into the price but give them a call/email tell them you want that price pre incentives and wait for them to get back to you


Autonation…Dollar gets you two that advertised price is after incentives.

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