BMW 430i GC Lease Help


So I’ve been trying to snag deal on a 430i loaner here in FL (which I’ve heard is one of the worst regions) and I’m running into some trouble.

Last dealer I talked to in the south florida area told me they could do 20% off before incentives on a base 430i loaner. I said great email me the numbers. Then the new car manager quotes me $644/month with $1500 down. I then ask for the additional $7000 in incentives (lease cash + loyalty) and she calls me and tells me there’s no way that can be done (even though the other sales manager said they would) and that there’s only a 6-7% markup on the vehicle so it’s not possible.

Is that actually the case? I’ve seen a handful of people get that sort of discount on here. Maybe I’m missing something… I’ve had bad luck with client advisors feeding me good news only to be then crushed by sales managers.

Any help is appreciated. There’s also another dealer with some similar inventory that said they can beat 20% off before incentives. But that may just be overconfident salesman bs. I’ll check it out…

What help are you looking for?

I’ve worked with every BMW dealer within 200 miles of me and no one is going to 20% off. These are regional deals and dependent upon circumstances/luck. There’s a reason you’ve only seen a handful of these deals…

This is why I went 1000 miles :slight_smile:

That is all too common unfortunately.

:+1: If I actually needed another car, that’s what I would do.

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or they give you 20% and then kill you on the back end like what was happening to me on the 430 and 440 deals, I literally struck gold with the 530.

Yup. And it’s all about right place right time. I got ghosted trying to replicate your 530 deal :rofl: As soon as I asked for mid 40’s SP on 530’s that had sat around for several months it was radio silence :grinning:

At least they were kind :slight_smile:

A couple of months ago when I was trying to pick up two 4 series at the same time, and I mentioned to the dealer I was looking to buy as such, they responded with “we are not even interested in selling you one of these, never mind two of them!”


Yeah…That is so so common. I have been finding that many/most dealers will refuse to even send me the lease screen (“Internal use only” so they say). Of course, we can work some of this out in reverse, but getting all the information first hand is always preferred.

Well I guess the hunt continues then… Thankfully Florida has a lot of inventory and lots of dealers. I’ll keep calling around. At this point trying to get a deal and talking with dealers all day is turning into a full time job.

Good golly, How in the devil did they come up with that ridiculous quote if they’re offering “20% before incentives” Maybe they meant 20% of their dealer markup.

Yes, that is how it goes sometimes. Even if you enjoy the process, it does get tedious after a while. But then when you hit gold, you get re-invigorated about the process all over again :slight_smile:

That said, so much of the time it is just easier to find a good broker deal and be done with it in 10 minutes. I am lucky that I (apparently) consider my time to be worth pretty much nothing based on the number of hours I have spent trying to grind out the best deals.


I’m half tempted to start working over some of these FL dealers for the hell of it.

The big problem with FL is that even if you do get a dealer to bite the curb, they hit you with a $7-900 doc fee which inflates the payment by $25-30/mo on a 36mo term.

That being said, I wish I could solve my lease situations (Full tax due on sale price after incentive) by traveling 1,000 miles but Texas takes their piece whether you buy here or Alaska.

best state for doc fees I have seen is Maryland, they cap their dealers at $299. Virginia is just like florida, awful.

Texas isn’t too bad and most of ours are in the $100-150 range which is little more than a rounding error.

that’s really good too, honestly anything that adds $10 a month or less doc fee wise is good enough for me.

Honestly after researching these cars for nearly 2 months… 20% discount is a very very rare occurrence. 15% is much more likely

For a loaner?

Ny by law is capped at 85 but no msd

I have to concur with @naderade.

The great BMW deals seem to occur primarily in California, Texas and NJ. I haven’t seen many :unicorn: deals from other regions.