BMW 430i GC Lease Help


To reply to myself…

This is the kind of crap I get from every single BMW dealer. And this is only asking them to beat an 18% off deal that I’ve provided in writing, and telling them that I’ll sign today if they can do it.

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Yeah they act as if one hard loser is going to bankrupt the dealer when you know they’re hard 8’ing 99% of the people that walk through the door.

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msd saves a good chunk of change, I wouldn’t mind a $400 doc fee with msd

Completely understand. But realize w a 599 nj doc fee vs 85 ny. Add gas and tolls…your msd savings is usually cut by more then half. So saving 500 over three years and a hassle to potentially get a loaner car if servicing car becomes an issue usually isn’t worth it to me. But some will say otherwise

no that’s understandable, I’m not too worried about a leaner car during servicing but the gas and tolls is a valid point.

Also $600 doc fee usually adds $20+ a month

For me the msds usually cancel out the extra tax I pay, for example on my 530 deal most people in surrounding states and other leasehackr’s could have achieved that payment without msds(given the same sales price) simply due to me having to pay 4.25% on sales price plus 2% monthly tax on the payment, that $40 or so dollars a month was basically free money cause I had the money to cover the msds.

Well they are not wrong, it is a 6-7% markup.

20% in FL is hard. I have never personally been able to achieve that but we usually move any inventory that has been sitting that long.

FL dealers love hanging on to the outgoing models cause the incentives are so stacked they can discount the car a few hundred dollars and its smoking the deal on the new model year.


Too many people with too much money (or credit) down there to make for good competition.

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I still get calls asking for 2019 4 series.

I have not had a 2019 430i since April. :frowning:

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@theduke only 1 remaining 2019 430i GC and its in Pensacola. (FL only)

edit: NEW vehicle. no sure about loaners.

One dealer in the southern part of the state told me that more than half of their sales are cash deals.:thinking:

As of a few days ago, I still found a bunch of those…

That’s why I edited. Most likely will have to comb car gurus or some other uses car website to find some loaners.

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In California it looks like 19’ 4 series are going up in price on cargurus.

Good chance demand has caught up with supply and the deal bonanza is over.

Say it aint so Joe!!!

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Unicorn BMW deal based on a FL dealer… you have better odds at FL lottery than a FL dealer :man_shrugging:


@trustme… I am actually laughing because I have already opened all of those doors!

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I’m being told by the only BMW sales person that I trust in the region that ‘dealer incentives changed’ on 4 series and these deals are no longer possible. She won’t honor prior quotes even though consumer incentives are the same.

So looks like 4seriespalooza is over!

If so, let’s have a short moment of silence where we are grateful for the fun while it ladted :slight_smile:

Now…We move on and find the next feeding frenzy✔️

At least in my region anyway. Maybe others are different. I’m surprised because dealers here are still loaded with 4 series.