BMW 330XI GT! for around 360 a month zero down

Need the details fleshed out.

And what part of the country is this?

You know nothing about BMW leases apparently. Loyalty is much less than the incentives that aren’t available for loaners above 5k miles. But you would know that if you knew what you were talking about.

There are plenty of well qualified people here that can guide people to get great BMW deals, including @F30Daniel. What we don’t need are uninformed people spreading misinformation and confusing people looking for advice.

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Incorrect information…

These dealers are known here and links are in a “Loaner to Owner” thread, so you bring nothing new. Like others said, zero value in this unless you post an actual deal with the full breakdown that can potentially be had at any of these dealers.

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The dealers you reference include ALL incentives in their pricing, which you may, or may not qualify for.

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@fairfaxva1992 lets see the best deal you can find that is verifiable and the mods may decide to make u a trusted hackr – dont you wanna quiet all the skeptics and get all the glory


2018 Volvo s90 T5 AWD MSRP 56990!!

Selling Price 49000


Net selling price 39800

Residual Value for 24 months, 10000 miles a year is 59%

Money Factor is .00048

Acquisition fee 695

Doc Fee 299

VA registration 130

VA Tax 4.25%

Monthly Payment with nothing due at signing only first month is 475 INCLUDING TAX!!


Uhh, you just have missed all the threads with the more expensive S90 T6 going for less than $400/month.


Well in Virginia the 4.25% is based on the selling price of the car unlike some other states.

For this month 17100 off msrp is one hell of a deal. How about u try to match that before u say other cars went for less!

We are all well aware of the tax implications of states like Virginia and Texas.

You also missed a couple other things that I would expect someone really good at hacking would know:
(1) You can put down refundable MSDs to reduce the money factor and save on the payment.

(2) A highly optioned T5 is going to lease very poorly relative to it’s T6 counterpart.

Best of luck.


The money factor is already low enough. I would rather invest it somewhere else.

Anyway the deal already went to someone in Virginia.

What exactly are you trying to prove with all these “deals” you’re listing?

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People don’t become trusted hackrs just because they can post one or two “verifiable” deals…

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@fairfaxva1992 Man I thought you were better than this. I guess fake it till you make it


I don’t want to discourage you too much. Find deals, post them for everyone’s benefit. Whether they are good or bad, people will let you know.

Btw you never posted the full breakdown of the 3GT desk that started this thread…eg, what incentives are or are not included to get there?

17000k off and thats not a good deal?

The BMW 330 GT msrp is 50k selling price is 37800. It includes loyalty. Car has less than 5000 miles on it

I believe he was asking for all of the pertinent details for the car that started this thread…

That’s 12,200. Where are you getting 17k?

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He’s talking about his Volvo deal.

In the future, when you post deals please either use the template or be clear and explicit with the details to avoid the whirlwind of confusion we are seeing in this thread. All positive contributions are appreciated and the goal is not to deter you from sharing. But we can certainly do better than whatever this thread currently is.

If you want to post in Marketplace, you should register and post there.

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