BMW 330XI GT! for around 360 a month zero down

BMW 330XI GT! for around 360 a month zero down

not the best deal! some other dealerships are offering more than 12k off!!

30% off? New or loaner/demo? If loaner/demo, it has less than 5k miles?

On a loaner with less than 5000 miles

Why not free in that case?

Don’t be a smart ass. This forum is all about posting good deals so people can take advantage of it. Your deal is a shity deal no need to get offended.


Coming from a guy that’s been in here 4 days and has contributed nothing. I’m not offended I’m actually impressed you think you can post your option but I can’t post mine?


Would love to see which dealer is offering that.

I am curious as well hope he post it since it’s such a “Good deal”.

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do you guys want more?

@fairfaxva1992 - if you’re a broker and have deals you’re sharing, you need to register and you can market your vehicles. If you’re passing on deals of your own to the community that you’re doing as a service, then you should create your own threads to share the exact details and financial breakdown.

This drive-by criticism without any basis in proof rarely goes over well for long-term contributors, let alone folks that are new. Folks here are very well versed in BMW and Mercedes loaner leases, so we’re going to need to see proof of what you’re saying.

The vehicle you just posted has over 5000 miles which means it doesn’t qualify for new car incentives, loyalty etc, and has a substantial residual adjustment that likely would make it dramatically more expensive than you would think from the sale price. Have you taken that into account? By my quick math, a 36/10 lease on that car with the residual adjustment and lack of incentives would be drive-offs and nearly $450/month + tax.

All this to say, @F30Daniel has posted many very competitive deals here for SoCal - can some be beat? Sure with a lot of effort. But they require no effort and are more competitive than most anyone will ever see for a BMW.


Thank you for your post pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say. @28firefighter I will not be responding to negative post.


I’m not a broker or a dealer.

The deal he posted is not a good deal. I’m just posting on this thread to educate people that there are better deals outs there.

Yes I’m aware that there is a 4% penalty for over 5000 miles. The residual value for 24 months 10k a year is 67. If you minus the 4% its 63

@fairfaxva1992 I’m going to say this - the residual adjustment is 4% 5000-7500, 6% 7500-10k PLUS all mileage over 500 miles on the car. It is much more significant than you think or are aware of.

I suggest you do some reading here before posting comments like this. Happy to take this offline to discuss further, but do not want to clutter Daniel’s post.

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It’s 6% RV penalty plus the mileage adjustment for demos with over 7500 miles. Plus, you lose out on the incentives.

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You do not lose out on the incentives. You can still get the loyalty.

I posted the cars as examples. I typically prefer to lease cars with 5000 miles or less so I won’t get hit with the penalty.

There are much better deals to be had.

Whoever is really Interested in a 330 please feel free to message me. Again I’m not a dealer or a broker, I do not get compensated for this. I’m just trying to help the average joe out.

And you can definitely get buy rate on the car. .00196 is marked up by .0003.

@fairfaxva1992 I moved all the recent posts to this thread. If you want to discuss your finds, we can do it here.

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Here is your example car (ignoring tax, doc fees, and registration).

The residual calculation for a car with 8,465 is subtracting 6% from the residual off the top and then knocking off $.25/mile for every mile over 500 miles. I even included loyalty and buy rate.

Explain to me how this represents a better value or show me a deal sheet that says I’m wrong.


A separate thread tagged with location will help the average joe much more.