BMW 330i Xdrive Loaner-$360/month, 0 DAS+MSDs



I signed this deal about a week ago. Initially I had a bad experience with the first sales person I encountered but after getting in touch with @DroseBMW and the management team at Passport BMW, they smoothed things out for me and we’re able to make this deal happen.


Is this a loaner?


Yes it is.


Good deal but you shouldn’t have rolled everything in as the apr after MSD is still pretty high

But overall good deal


I say always roll it in, crash it next week and you didn’t lose anything. Looks like 24mo was only $5 more a month


Considering the taxes on full price. It’s a solid deal. especially that they gave him the “standard” BMW buy MF prior to MSD’s.


Impossible to have a unicorn type deal in a state like MD. In a tax-on-payment state, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with msd.


Glad I live in tax on payment state, not sure I could move to these tax the purchase price state, it’s brutal.


amazing deal!!!


passport is notorious for marking it up …so true


Just sent them an offer on a 330e…let’s see.

On another note I looked at this deal again and if you take taxes and MSD’s out of the equation this is close to 300/mo on a 50k vehicle. I am relatively new to this forum so not sure what is unicorn territory but this is certainly an amazing deal…


Dealer fee is $299, not $80. What is Gov fee of $600?


I didn’t see the 80 when filling the calculator on my phone. It was $300x2. The other numbers are accurate.


Which Bmw dealer gave you this one!


Are you blind?


Not blind!
Where is passport bmw located?


That doesn’t say where it was located, and google is a useful tool… but that maybe a little too complicated for you


I think “Maybe” next life I’ll be at least half as smart as you and at least 25 percent as charming!


You can start by not wasting people’s time… asking for dealer information all across the country (even when its starring you right in the face)


Yes I will start with that but it will probably take me lots of practice and patience to come even close to your level of intelligence and comprehension. It’s not possible for anyone!