BMW 320i lease deal

Hi Everyone,

I got a lease quote for a new 2018 BMW 320i. The numbers are below.

MSRP - 40580
Dealer Discount : 2877 ( 7% of MSRP)
Incentives : 2000 (lease cash) + 500 (Costco) + 1000(New Grad Discount)
Selling price : 34203
RV : 59%
MF : 0.00186
1500 down and $429 per month.
Term : 36 months/12k miles

From the above numbers I could see that the dealer has reduced only 7% off MSRP and he is not ready to go further. I’m interested in somewhere around 10-12% discount before applying the incentives. I live in NC and most of the dealers are giving me similar numbers.
What is the reasonable number for this car ? Also what dealerships (any manufacturer)are giving good lease in NC ?

Thanks in Advance.

Find the “loaner to owner” thread and start with DMV dealers

eeek that doesn’t sound good. There was another 320 thread earlier today - that should be the kind of deal you should be aiming for. It’s a bit different but still, same selling price but 6k higher MSRP.

What’s a DMV dealer?

DC, Maryland and Virginia

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Thanks. I have noticed that DC-area dealers seem to often have the best prices in the nation, and certainly on the east coast.

whoahh, talk about comparision…my selling price didn’t even include rebates.

If you do a one pay, I will hook you up with a similar deal as mine.

It’ll be about $750 more since you don’t qualify for loyalty tho. you can round it up to 1000 and send me $250 for doing all the leg work for you :slight_smile:

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