BMW 320i Fart car(loaner)

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**Year, Make, Model, and Trim:**2018, BMW, 320i, Xdrive
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $**48350
**Selling Price: $**33994
**Monthly Payment: $**290
**Cash Due at Signing: $**290

**Annual Mileage:**15000

Leasehackr Score:

Not exactly the car I want but it’s a unicorn deal so I’m hard pressed to say no. They are quoting $290 but that has some fluff in it for the F&I guy to sell stuff, I come up with $238, just first payment at signing and got them to say .00196 was the MF. Going in tomorrow to lock it up. Well equipped but not “loaded”, about 3400 farts on the clock

My numbers


Amazing deal, what options does it have?

Really good deal!! Must have almost everything - can’t believe a 320i can hit almost 50k MSRP!!

Waive the acq fee for a .0005 markup and it’ll make your payment go down by $7/mo.


Neither can I … insane

I remember when a well optioned 325i was in the high 20’s, and it had a butter smooth I6 that blew away the engines in mainstream cars. How times have changed!

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I was wondering about that, I’ll do that for sure and probably keep it at 15k, was thinking about doing 12k but this cheap I’ll probably stay at 15k. Once you throw these insane discounts on these leases, the 24mo term is the way to go. It’s got the sport package which I actually don’t care about, 18"s rims are a pain.


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I love it when someone brings up the “fart car” :joy::rofl:

That was classic


If you assume an average speed of 30 MPH over that 3400 mile period, that’s a fart every two minutes someone was in the car if your math checks out. Whoever was using this car might want to see a gastroenterologist.


how did you find this steal?

To be fair, wasn’t that about 20 yrs ago?

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I remember when, a dime bag was a nickel…


About 24 years ago (model year 1995) you could get a base 325i sedan for the low 30’s. That’s before you start adding options. So, I’m not sure how far back chris is thinking back to. This 320i has an engine far more efficient and probably about as powerful as the 6 cyl in that 325i, and is light years ahead in safety and features.

With 3400 miles, this 320i costs about the same as that 1995 325 stripper… 24 years later. That’s mind-boggling.


Lease it and, if you find something better, can transfer no problem at this payment.

Outstanding deal.

And had fewer than 3 airbags, no backup camera or TPMS. Probably no power seats. Surely no option for heated seats.

Sure, and you could get two cheeseburgers and two small fries for $2.22 at Burger King. But time marches on.

Well it’s a corporate store, and from what I’ve observed they just keep dropping the price until it sells?! Or so I assume. I’m in Colorado, so everyone wants an SUV/crossover, I also think that helps the cause. No one wants sedans. I’ve been trolling cargurus/ and all the local dealers sites looking for cars that dealers have priced aggressively.

In other words, you put the time in to find the unicorn. Really well done.

I guess I’ll be the first…can you PM the dealer details? :joy:

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out of curiosity, what car is it that you actually want?