BMW 320 i x-drive lease end confusion- Please help

Hello Hackers, I am wondering what to do or if its even possible to sell my Car to Carvana or Carmax. I’m confused however on the price BMW is selling it to me for. BMW PAY OFF QUOTE says I can buy the car for $20,168, Carvana has offered me like $22,800 and Carmaxx $21000. I have extremely low miles on the car and I came here 3 years ago, and educated myself on how to lease properly and did pretty well. The lease was 3/36,000 miles , i only put 12,000 miles on the car. I’m confused ,so will BMW let Carvana or carmaxx buy the car ? The residual is saying $24,982. So would Carvana;s price be the residual value or the buyout amount I was quoted to buy the car from BMW? I have to turn the car in on 8/22 so I need help fast. Please!!

Screenshot your BMWFS account. I’m guessing that’s a reduced buyout including an incentive, which you’d have to pay tax on if you then wanted to flip to Carvana. The current dealer payoff should be your residual plus your remaining payment.

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That’s not your BMWFS account that’s your lease contract. Where did you get this from??

I got it on line at BMW. Hold on let me find it.

Doubtful that BMW would let a third party buy it at that price, but there’s nothing stopping you from buying it and turning around and flipping it.

You can double check with BMWFS but I believe that a third party is not the “customer” who can get the discount, the customer is you.

You can buy it out flip it if you’re up for a little legwork.

And so here we have the first BMW in the history of the world with POSITIVE EQUITY at lease end*


*after BMWFS threw another $6k at it anyway…


Okay, thanks . I felt it might be to good to be true. I will call tomorrow and see . I would have loved to make some money off it, but I already bought a car so there is no chance of getting a loan approved to buy it, and trying to sell.

Buying it and flipping seems like lower risk as well since you won’t get hit with any lease return charges. Carvana is fairly lenient

Thanks , .i already bought a car, so no chance I could buy it now.

If your DTI is really that stretched… :no_mouth:

So buy two cars on MY partt-time job? (Not husband’s income) in a month.? Okay …I buy /lease cars on what I can afford using my part-time income. However, thanks for your input, . Household DTI is fine.

You don’t need to budget for it if you sell it right away, you’re not using your husband’s money. If your combined DTI is fine, you’re only holding on to it for a short time to sell it to Caravana for a quick profit.

I know that. I’m saying , my husband is not going to be on the loan/loan application.So ,if you go by my income alone ,then probably no 2nd loan approval. I’m not involving my husband or his income in this.

Erm okay. Good luck.


Seems like a lot of work/stress for a a couple grand. If you don’t have the cash to buy it out and flip it I’d just turn it in.

If you end up just returning the car to BMW, you can probably request a rebate for being under your mileage (one of the few brands that does it). It will at least help out on your disposition fee.

See “Unused Mileage Credit” near bottom of first post

If I could get them to throw $6000 at me, I might buy my 2018 Mini Clubman out, but they only offered me $2000 so back it goes.

Wow, how often do they do this!? I was contemplating how much they would have to discount my buyout to convince me to keep my 330e and never imagined $6k was an option!