BMW 2021 330e 36/10k $404 pre-tax monthly DAS $4731 ($1581 + $3150 MSD)

Title: 2021 BMW 330e, $446 (include tax) monthly DAS $4731 ($1581 + $3150 MSD)

Region: NorCal
MSRP: $47,735
Selling Price: $43,592
Monthly Payment: $404 + 10.25% tax = $446
Drive-Off Amount: $1581 + 3150 (MSD) = $4,731
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00133
Residual: 27341.2
Incentives: 4166 (1000 OL, 2000 Loyalty, 1166 ccfr)
Base car with Convenience, not the best deal, probably not the worst, glad car search is over. Dealer said OL and PenFed does not stack, but they gave $1000 for OL instead of $500.

The bad: MSRP includes $600 of items like floor mats, wheel locks and first aid kits, etc.

Edit: old calc was wrong posted the msd m.f., correct calc with 10% pre-incentive off with max m.f.


Move the $1,581 to the back, after monthly. It scared the hell out of me lol

Why is the MSRP 47k with base+convenience?
Anyways, looks like a good discount on MSRP (10%) during this time!
Could you please share the dealer contact you worked with?

Congrats man. I thought you were looking for loaners. That’s a healthy discount off a new car for sure right now I bet. I bet you feel so relieved to be done with the mess of this market. Lol

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Thanks! It was definitely exhausting, was looking for a 530e but the numbers were not favorable. As for loaners, another (very helpful) member here told me dealerships have been reluctant in retiring them because there are no cars. When I picked up my car at the dealership, it was half-empty, crazy market indeed!

I just did but I would use these shared deals to structure your offer for other dealers because same dealer might not have another car.

Good job dude. Offered similar numbers here on a 55k 21’ 330e (very few to none available in state) only to be ghosted.
Enjoy the car and post some pics.

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