Bmw 2020 m4 $940 a month $0 down


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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 Bmw m4 executive and completion package plus manual transmission wireless charging lane assist
MSRP: $80k

Monthly Payment: $940
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10k

After a month of keep going back and fourth to find a good deal on a 2020 m4 with a manual transmission and a red Melbourne metallic I got a deal that I wanted I thought to share mine today! I was able to initially make a deal with laterally nothing out of my pocket and walk out of a dealer with a beautiful brand new m4!
Really happy overall with my dream car!!!


Selling price?

72k with incentives !

So like 6% off? Yeesh. I’m guessing one of the NY BMW brokers could have helped you quite a bit. Oh well, enjoy the car!


How much does that cost to insure??

I wanted a red with a manual and executive package but nothing was a available by then !
They were offering me something more expensive that I really wasn’t looking to get cause really didn’t need a convertible or 8k ceramic brakes!
At least I could get the car that I was looking to get !

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With all state $140 per month really impressed on that one as well!


Full coverage

Honestly curious which broker you dealt with that tried to shoehorn you into something you didn’t want instead of helping negotiate for the car you did want.


Nothing against them at all they did try hard to help me a lot!
But when I showed them that the car I wanted was at xxx dealer it came up that the car appear to them as sold which it actually wasn’t !
So I called them and decide to go on my own and even if it was available they said they weren’t able to pull up a car out a nj dealer lot for taxes purposes !

What’s up with the exclamations after every sentence? Are you that excited?


It’s a manual transmission M4 in Melbourne Red.
Are you not!!

And only $140/mo for full coverage!!!


A “trusted hacker” dumping all over another guys stoke by “guessing” somebody “could have” done better. That’s just lame. A proper mod response should either be “congrats” or “here is a specific way you could have done a little better.” I’m not sure what “guessing” by mods contributes to the forum despite their “trusted status.”

More mod wisdom (snark)

The guy found just the car he wanted, negotiated, and is happy with his deal. Does it really make your life so much better to dump on him for being excited?


Just wondering. Mods don’t let you sleep at night?


You guys just made so much big deal out of this. Thought I kind of did it alright Based on other ppl deals on here.
That’s why I decide to post it up here but it seems like everyone after all can’t accept the fact that others can happy about they’re purchase!!!


In the end the OP got what they wanted and if they paid to play then that’s their business. And while it pains me to invoice as the line drawn, I also appreciate these generous souls as without them lease hacking would be that much harder to do.

Enjoy in good health!


I will at the end

i remember buying my wife her manual S5. figured it would be easy since there was basically zero demand for them, but dealers treated it like a GT3. A local dealer offered me a whopping $400 off sticker. Was a huge pain trying to find anyone to discount, and i probably overpaid too but she enjoyed the car. It was a bit satisfying to see the local dealer stuck with it several years later. If it’s your dream car who the hell cares what LH posters think and enjoy it.


It always was.
At this point after having ppl attacking me like that doesn’t really matter to me anymore .

Always best to keep in mind that you’re posting in leasehackr, not bimmerpost right now. They’re far more likely to focus on the car there. We’re far more likely to focus on the deal here. The whole purpose of this forum is to nitpick deals and strive for more.