BMW 2020 m340 loaner - lease questions


So, I got this offer for a lease on a loaner. It has 2611 miles. It’s loaded and it’s the color I want. I cannot find any other BMW M340 xdrive AWD in this color (at least near me).

Market Value Selling Price 63,260
Rebate 3,000
Adjusted 60,260
StarGard $599 (not sure what this is)
After all taxes and fees 63,096.74
MF 0.00158
RV From the dealership: “about $37,400”. “The residual is adjusted for current mileage on the car for retired service loaners, so I will estimate the dollar amount as it’s not an exact percentage”.

I did some lease calculations, but I am a little confused because this is a loaner that I would be leasing. Any advice on my numbers would be much appreciated.


It’s best to remove your personal info from your screen shot.

This is probably the worst loaner deal we have seen come across here, at least lately. This is probably about $7500 too high.

Prior to getting this quote, what numbers were you targeting on a loaner as far as pre-incentive discount and mf?

Why do you have over $9k listed under taxed incentives? This is where the 3000 rebate should go. Doesn’t look like they are giving you any discount other than the rebate which is horrible.

This is your current deal with whatever the heck starguard is.

Zero discount and they hit you with the starguard? I didn’t bother looking but I bet the money factor is maxed on this too.

M340s are in short supply but at this price you might as well drive down to CA and swap into an M3.

You are correct

Good point. How do I delete this post?

I removed the image for you. You can upload a new one if you’d like

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Some dealers in socal here only discounting 7% off MSRP on m340i loaners, and won’t budge cause they’re selling

What do the discount the 7% from? The original MSRP? I tried finding the MSRP for this particular car on Edmunds with the VIN but got an error message.

Correct, 7% off the MSRP (sticker price). So your “market market value selling price of $63,260” seems to be the MSRP, and they only “discounted” to $60,260 by utilizing your rebate and not actually giving you a discount on the loaner. This is a horrendous deal. They’re selling you a loaner car for the price of a brand new one.

Usually you’d expect to get around 15-19% discount on a loaner car.


Some dealers are best avoided.


What should the MF be?

Buy rate is .00118 currently.

Generally, one should always get rv/mf/incentive information from edmunds before ever talking to a dealer. You should know exactly what price you’re targeting based on the current lease programs before you ever talk to a dealer, otherwise you’re left without knowing if the deal is good or not.

I know this car and the dealer. Inventory up here is fairly low right now. This is not a good deal for new, let alone a loaner. That this is a more highly optioned car, in a desirable color, with lower miles for a loaner also hurts.

I’d say sit tight for a while or look out of state if you need something now.

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StarGard is optional and can be removed upon final negotiating. I’d say try a different salesman if the one you are speaking to is not cooperating. I had success in Oregon on a loaner lease by being firm but polite. I know inventory is tight right now, but if you are ready to sign on the spot then I think you can more off the selling price prior to rebates being applied.

Probably not a lot of x drive in California, if at all. But no discount for a loaner is pretty bad.

Vehicle recovery system. Lojack by another name.

Generally, if you don’t know what something is, you don’t need it.

And once you do, you don’t want it.

If you want to get an idea of savings on a loaner, price a car with same equipment new. Sounds simple but car salesmen are trained to play on your trust and emotions!
To check the MSRP look at the window sticker!
Can’t find it look up the vin online. Dealerships prey on those who are impatient and have a “want it now” mentality! Keep your guard up and study it like your in school. Your grade is the deal you get. Most dealers will bandy about terms like loaners to generate traffic. I am unconvinced that a car with less then three thousand miles is anything but a demo being sold as a new car!

Thanks for the local input. I’m curious what you mean by saying that it’s not great regarding the color model, low miles and the low inventory on this car. Are you implying that the dealer has the upper hand? As far as I can tell the car has been sitting for 84+ days. Seems like it needs to be moved in my opinion. Not sure how to negotiate that and avoid being taken advantage of. Appreciate any further input.