BMW $1000 OL code happening this weekend (Feb 8, 9) - West Coast



I received an email from a dealer on the west coast –

Celebrate Lunar New Year with BMW.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, BMW has created an exceptional offer just for you. Discover more by coming into Schomp BMW of Colorado this Friday, February 8th or Saturday February 9th.

While you’re there, take a moment to test drive one of our Ultimate Driving Machines like the all-new BMW X5, the first-ever BMW X2, and even the BMW 530e iPerformance Plug-In Hybrid. No matter what you choose, you will find the ultimate experience in legendary power, and you’ll also receive a purchase incentive of an additional $1,000 off on select models.

Your exclusive offer will only be available on February 8th and 9th so don’t miss your chance to celebrate the Lunar New Year with BMW.

Registration Link –

List of dealers participating –

Does anyone know if any such event is happening on the east coast ?



awesome thanks!


Thank you very much. Got my code.


Does the code’s fine print mention anything about regions?


Thank you!


Must use by 4/30

*RESTRICTIONS APPLY. $1,000 offer valid on eligible new model year 2018 and 2019 vehicles in dealer stock delivered and retailed through April 30, 2019. Models excluded are 2019 X7, 8 Series (all variants), 2018 M2 Coupe, 2019 M2 Competition, and M5 (all variants). This offer cannot be used for previously ordered or previously delivered vehicles and is only valid on delivery of in-stock vehicles. Offer valid to customers – and their family members residing within the same household – attending the BMW Lunar New Year Events at participating BMW Centers and registering on by February 10. Offer valid on final negotiated price and may be combined with other applicable BMW offers that are available at the time of purchase. Only one OL number per vehicle may be used. Offer valid towards purchase price of eligible vehicle. Only valid at participating dealers. 2019 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.


Awesome. Can we go to any bmw dealer to qualify for this or just the one we listed as preferred


depends on the dealer…some I’ve dealt with said no, $500, or $1000


They gave me an OL code but listed the nearest dealership that I chose. Will I be allowed to apply the code at other participating dealerships or am I limited to this one?


The code is sent via email once you registered. Do you have to visit the dealer you specified during registration to “activate” the code?


I chose “ignore” on the dealership drop down menu. Received the OL code, so I’m assuming that it works in any participating dealership.

That or I urgently need to find where Ignore BMW is located. Lol


Anyone know if it works on the lease demo’s?


Local dealer confirmed it works on new cars or 2018 with under 5K Miles(Loaners/demos).


is the code in the email what you give the dealer? Then it becomes active


Can bmw dealers refuse to take MSDs?


Any dealer can refuse to do any part of a deal


A more likely scenario you run into is a CA who doesn’t know what MSDs are. They were taken away for a while and only recently returned. Seems possible someone newer just wouldn’t know they were a thing.

That said, dealers can choose not to write a deal with MSDs.


Can any BMW dealer chime in if this works for any dealer, and not just the chosen preferred dealer?


@samson, @GAngellBMW or @BMW_Dave would know.


Every dealers willingness to use these are different.

Im on the west coast and used an OL code from east coast event. One dealer said no, other dealer said yes.