BMW $1000 OL code happening this weekend (Feb 8, 9) - West Coast



The straight answer is that there is a page in our system where we have to “validate” the OL Code. If it validates, the dealership should honor it since it’s factory money. But it’s only $500 reimbursement from BMW NA so if they say they’re giving you $1k that just means that they were probably holding back an extra $500 which they’re now giving you. If they say they “won’t” honor it but their name is on the list of participating dealerships than it just means that they’re pricing probably already includes it (they’re going $500 deeper than they normally would and adding the OL Code to the deal).

Hope that helps!


Well, in that case, can they reduce their discount by $500 (so sales price will be $500 more) and then apply the $1000 code? : ) That way buyer can atleast make the $1000 code worth $500


Yeah, they can offer an extra $500 off total.


Like you I chose the ignore dealer. Do I need to go over this weekend to any dealer (andbe bound to that dealership?) or just use the code received until 4/30?


I am not 100% sure, since I used my code yesterday, but I would call ahead and ask. It’s really conflicting in that the post-registration email states:

“Now, all you have to do is visit ignore before April 30, 2019 to take advantage of your $1,000 Credit.”

But the fine print states:

“attending the BMW Lunar New Year Events at participating BMW Centers and registering on by February 10.”

Maybe one of the dealers can chime in on whether there is a procedure to activate the OL code at the event, or if it is already activated as of the receipt of the email.


It looks like it generates a unique code, so I’m guessing you just have to use it by April 30. I don’t know how they’d validate a one time code in dealership on Feb 9/10.