Blacked out BMW G82 M4/M440s are growing on me

This car is starting to grow on me quite a bit…
Looks good in this build. I’ve gone from thinking the car looks hideous to it looking on-point. Not sure why, maybe I was brainwashed or something at UDE, but something’s definitely up.

Absolutely insane that for a $71k msrp, the payment is in the ballpark of my $86K M4…on a broker deal. These are not leasing well to say the least (even with a 10% discount and buy rate MF).


They got one at my local BMW dealership, I will say I like the look a LOT better in person, even better than on the config. I can’t get over the ACC sensors making it asymmetrical though, can’t believe they went with that.

That’s because when blacked out, especially in those pictures, the lines defining that hideous grill become difficult to visually pick out. You’re basically choosing a color/trim package that camouflages that design travesty.

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It’s a new BMW design note. Everyone will aggressively hate it at first, then they will like it, and finally love it.


I am the same. I was shocked but now I’m hoping that BMW went even further with the design. I’m really liking the front, but the rest of the car is a little too subtle…

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Or be like the e65 and be classically ugly. Noteworthy but still ugly.

If you need a blackout to make the grille less ugly then…


And when you put a front plate on?

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The more camo the better

Oh don’t get me wrong, they definitely went way overboard on the grille but by no means is it hideously unbuyable like I used to think. Once you throw a front plate on there I think it’ll definitely look better/more bearable to more people.

When a front plate makes your car look better, you know you messed up


Watch them inversely sell more 8 series haha

Why is there a -$4,046 downpayment listed in you calc link?

rolling in driveoffs to make it just first pmt due at signing

Got it… so the payment itself isn’t “bad” especially for a brand new model… good discount, decent residual, buy rate mf… you’re just rolling in those drive offs.

Relatively speaking. I structured the M4 the same way (actually BMW covered $500 of the first 2 pmts on the M4).

the effective pmt is only like $25 p/m more on the 86K M4 vs the $71K m440.
gives a perspective on the tier of deals available these days. There are practically no incentives.

you could take the payment down to $678 if you did 7 MSDs and driveoffs due at signing

Yeah I mean for a brand new model it’s to be expected. Timing plays a big part of it. Will be interesting to see what can be had when the g80/g82 come out.

I guess the lease isn’t that crazy considering its a new model.

The thing is the G30 M550 was quicker than the outgoing F10 M5.

That isn’t the case here. G32 M440 is not quicker than the outgoing F82 M4.

M440 has a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds whereas a F82 M4 Competition DCT has a 0-60 of 3.8 seconds.

I know that the rumor is the G82 is going to have a 0-60 of 3.2 for the comp models.
Real world numbers could be around 2.8 considering BMW underreports. Happened with the F90 M5.
Posted number is 3.2/3.3. C&D real world test came out at 2.8 seconds.

an M4 Comp xDrive will likely have that real world high 2 seconds for 0-60.
Biggest issue with the F82s is traction when you’re doing a launch.

I think we will see the M440 post similar 0-60 numbers as the comp F82 M4. C&D tested the comp M4 0-60 at 3.8s and the M340 at 3.8s. I imagine the M440 with a 48V mild hybrid system and 100 less pounds will be .1-.2s faster than both.

The 4.3s is also a BMW listed figure so real world acceleration will likely be in the sub 4 second range (it is for my m340). But these “m-lite” models are really just quick daily drivers. 0-60 is a futile figure because of variables involved (like traction, launch control, gear ratios etc). Where the difference really becomes apparent is in the mid to top end range and the true m cars excel.

At the end of the day these new G series cars are priced relatively higher because they pack a ton of technology and refinement that the f series simply don’t have…
and, inevitably, inflation. Not so much because of their 0-60 numbers.

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