Big changes at Tesla

Tesla Reportedly cuts up to 4 years of extended warranty on used vehicles to 1 year.

Tesla quietly kills its 7 day “no questions asked” return policy.

> new buyers wishing to return a Tesla vehicle will now have to go through the customer service department, and it’s unclear what types of situations may warrant a full or even partial refund after purchase.


For once the tesbros on reddit complained about that.

This ones actually a bummer, this was actually industry leading. But they’ve changed it before, from universal to only if you ordered online, to now nonexistent.

Killing the 7 day no return policy makes sense to me from a profitability standpoint, although I’d love to see the numbers of how many people actually took advantage of that. Having to sell hundreds of cars as used, or at best heavily discounted for a 7 day test drive and return couldn’t have been good on the books. Killing the warranty is a head scratcher to me. 1) it instills confidence in your customers that they aren’t getting a money pit on a used car, and 2) it has the potential to erode resale values, possibly significantly. If these cars are as bulletproof as the Tesla crowd seems to croon, this shouldn’t have cost them any extra money to keep it going.

I thought GM killing off it’s free maintenance for 2-4 years was being penny wise and dollar foolish, especially for its lease portfolio. This seems equally as dumb.

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What a bummer, was considering a Tesla next… despite the horrible QC I read about as well as the extremely poor financial value. Definitely things to think about.

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This seems like it will gut their resale value. Love these changes

extremely poor financial value? CR says a model 3 costs $17k less to operate over its lifetime than a bmw 3-series


That’s all well and good if you want to drive the car into the ground over the next 10 years. If you want out of it in 3, the savings isn’t nearly as good.


The overall ownership cost is low, but there’s a blunt of the cost up front, with savings along the way.

hard for a lot of people to stomach. It’s why the model 3 still loses to Camrys (yup, I went to the Camry, not the 3-series)

Flame on! haha

If they’re going to gut the used warranty, they’d better get ready to expand service centers and loaner pool because when you’re paying out of pocket: People aren’t going to want to hear that they can’t get a loaner for their appointment that’s 2 weeks out.

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I thought these cars were bulletproof, and perfect? That’s what one is to believe when talking to the Tesla sheep.


They’re not. Lol.

A lot of the pro’s outweigh the cons but they’re by no means perfect

@mp11477 I know a lot of said sheep. And a lot of them love their cars, but it’s amazing to see the reviews of quality (initial and long-standing) come back. These are so tempting, honestly… but I think I’ll wait.


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I’m in no hurry. Electric cars are still in their infancy. They will only get better, cheaper and with more options to choose from.


I think Elon would rather die.

It’s good for his net worth, though. There’s a difference

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When I ran the numbers for a lease or loan on a model Y LR AWD with zero down at 36mo I would have only saved about $2500 on the lease. At those numbers it doesn’t really make sense to lease a Tesla, only finance or purchase in cash (not happening, ever, for any car). Then when I started reading about how the owner is essentially the QC arm of Tesla and needs to go over their car with a microscope on delivery I begin getting even more turned off. Gas is not exactly expensive and I don’t exactly hug trees. I don’t keep cars out of warranty and I like to stay current. I really don’t see the value in a Tesla. I’m considering one, but wow… it’s a huge pill to swallow.

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Part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and get the above… Y, LR AWD, Blue on Black Inductions with a trailer hitch and maybe get the acceleration boost for $2K too. But then I think about the abysmal quality control and the fact that I’m absolutely not getting a deal at all and I really start to reconsider.


On the bright side, you might get lucky and get the convertible OTA update?


I like that configuration too, except with white interior. Same concerns about quality control as you, and I can’t justify spending that much $ on a car given how little I drive. That’s why I’ve stuck with cheap lease deals the last 6 years.

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Speaking of changes at Tesla: this article gave me a brain aneurysm :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

I am imagining a Tesla tech scratching their head, while the the grizzled vet they work with says “OOOOHHHH THAT VIN WAS BUILT BETWEEN NOV 9-15, 2020 which is why it has a different BOM than cars built pre-Nov 9th AND after Nov 16th.”


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