Best timing for 2018 RDX deal with 2019 coming?

Anyone have any insight as to when we might start seeing good deals on the 2018 RDX?

I saw the 2019 at the auto show as well as pictures and they’ve gone to that push button shift which my wife 100% hates and I also am not a big fan of. The interior otherwise looks ok but I think she’d definitely be more interested in grabbing 2018 if there are deals to be had soon.

Spoke with my wife’s dealer last week, won’t hit lots until mid to late summer they had not received any hard info from acura yet. the 19 is technically still a prototype. Lease support also ended for 17’s so this is a bad time, really bad time for acura, which usually doesn’t lease well anyway.

See this thread for the most recent here

I see, thanks. I guess might as well just hold off until summer and see.

Also some dealerships use RDX’s as loaners/demo so that might pop up also. If you are east coast Pohanka is known to just blow out cars occasionally at the end of quarters to hit sales targets.