Best Swapalease Deals Thread

Not sure if this belongs here or in off-ramp (I could see cases for both so if it needs to be moved that’s ok)

Starting this thread to show off good deals or steals on swapalease.

I’ll also attach a few deals that I think are very good in the post below.

Link to newest swapalease listings:


X3M $750/mo (assuming this is after tax) 1k miles/mo

Ats-v $580/mo (PA only) 3k miles/mo

Stelvio Quadrifolgio (CA only) $732 payment w/ $10k cash incentive (actual payment $1209)
1k miles/month


Bravo @Lazarus :clap:

I’m glad my calling out your analytics helped spawn this into a reality

I think it would be best to just show available deals as we already have a trophy garage. Just my thoughts


Fair enough, available deals only.

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Did you see the $200 month M5 with like 13k DAS. Something smells fishy with that one

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There were two of them this month.
Nothing fishy- the original leasee must’ve out down a monster down payment.
Which is great for taking over the lease as a NYer you save alot on taxes.

Here’s another M car for $2xx a month + 15k down

It is quite odd tho to see this many in such a short span.

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I also seen a 340i looking for 7k down. Since it’s a lease swap the cash has to go to the buyer when you exchange keys. It just seems sketch meeting someone on the street with so much cash in hand. Maybe I am from the school too good to be true.

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I mean there’s a clear trail of paperwork, usually the seller requests payment before stage 2 so they don’t get screwed. Cashiers check or electronic transfers work, and if both parties are really skeptical than there are “escrow” companies for a fee.

I just assumed it was a gimmick to get more views on your car because of a low payment.

That could be true, however I wonder what the reaction would be when said buyer went to look over the paperwork.

BMW 750 ($482/mo up to 16 months) 1500 mi/mo

$183 + ((6500-170)/16) = 482

Assuming 6 month lease extension

Edit: GONE, less than a few hours.


Says swap pending

fastest swap I have ever seen, that literally went up today.


Crazy good deal i can see why. Surprised Hendrick (assuming) would make that deal although we don’t know the original DP.

I thought I recognized that turn table. Must have been a monster, but they knew about MSDs, makes you think :thinking:

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Nope, it was pending last night. I think it was listed yesterday.

Ah so other people do lurk on SAL like me, I checked yesterday around 5/6 and didn’t see anything new. Maybe this went up after or slipped past me.

Lol yeah I checked pretty late at night and it was pending, so he probably got a few offers quickly

Stelvio Quad in the 700’s after incentive.