Best SUV for the price?


What’s the best car, midsize luxury SUV (35,000 to 50,000), that’s a good deal for this month?

Infiniti QX60


Alternatively, you can check the marketplace forums and look at all the threads posted in the last few weeks.

Will give you an idea of the expense of cars.

QX-60 is mentioned a lot and appears to be among the best lease programs.

In terms of leasing relative to msrp, it’s by far the qx60.

any other models? because we had the JX35 in 2013 before, and it’s relatively the same thing

Not sure how the February program looks, but Volvo allows msd and has a ton of xc60 and xc90 loaners and demos they blow out. The momentum trim typically leases the best. Acura MDX deals are out there also.

SUV’s , including luxury entry level luxury, are the most popular segment and manufacturers don’t need to subsidize the leases. The deals are few and far between.

Whats the best way to go about inquiring about available demo’s? Looking for a good deal on a xc60. Thanks

Probably at a Volvo dealer or a broker, I’d reckon.


That’s super helpful, thanks.

We’re supposed to hand in our lease for our MDX mid february. Where can I go to find deals for a Volvo XC90, because dealerships don’t exactly disclose everything and give you a good price.

If you’ll cast your gaze to the upper right corner, there is a :mag: icon. It’s your friend.

Failing that, try try that newfangled Google thingy.

We’re here to help, but we help those who help themselves a little first.


What’s wrong with the same thing, if it’s $200 a month cheaper than anything else, who cares? You haven’t disclosed a payment range or features you must have.

Because we don’t want to same car again. It’s not the best car in technology either.

$500-550 is the ideal range for the monthly payment, $0 down.

As someone who sells these cars… I wouldn’t consider the QX60 “luxury”


nothing more luxurious than a CVT, come on now.


Let’s not overlook the infotainment from 2003, now . . .

Infiniti must have saved a ton of development cost to incentivize QXs… Interesting strategy…

good deal on mdx posted here

Especially when your CVT sh@ts the bed on your way to the airport and has to be flatbedded and sits in the dealer waiting for a new one . . ask me how I know.